Freezing, continuation and change in the Resolution Process - ERGÜN YILDIRIM

Freezing, continuation and change in the Resolution Process

First, the KCK declared that the no-conflict period had come to an end. Then, the PKK conducted various terror attacks. Now, the HPG, the armed branch of the PKK, is threatening the forest rangers by distributing manifestos. They are stating that they won't allow the construction of the Silvan dam and new police stations. They are identifying the forest rangers, who are participating in the safety of the dam and the protection/operations of police stations and sentry boxes, as the collaborators that cooperate with the enemy. In this case, they are stating that they will annihilate the forest rangers in their villages.

Will the Resolution Process continue within this environment? If yes, then how? Besides, in the short-term, it doesn't seem that there will be a rulership, which takes on the risks and acts with a strong leadership willpower, after all. In the horizon, there is rulership based on the coalition-preference. In this case, the outcome of the Resolution Process is carrying a great significance. Because, we are face to face with an equation with multiple variables. However, just a couple of months ago, we had a two-year long, no-conflict period, the willpower of the Resolution Process and the positive expectations of the community. Ultimately, everyone was supporting the Resolution Process and everyone wanted the bloodshed to come to an end. The expectations of some segments were directed at ending the terror, while some others' were directed at returning the rights of Kurds. These two expectations were intensely gathered in AK Party politics. Following the recent elections, some voters, who heaped together over these expectations, steered towards MHP and HDP. However, KCK's statements, PKK terror and the restarting terror vicious cycle are showing us that these tendencies won't be providing any solution either.

Will the Resolution Process continue, freeze or continue with a new style? We are at the intersection where these options are of importance. Deputy Prime Minister, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yalçın Akdoğan, who is conducting the coordinatorship of the Resolution Process, made some important statements on this matter. According to Akdoğan, the Resolution Process did not come to an end, but rather, it started with Turkey's democratization and is advancing on its way. However, “how it will continue from now on”, is a matter that will be clearer according to the coalition. “The coalition protocol will be designative”. However, at this point, we need to pay regard to with “who” or “whom” the coalition will be formed. Because the coalition's spirit will be designating the quality of the Resolution Process. If a coalition with MHP is formed, then, there will be a considerably low possibility for the continuity of the Resolution Process to be included in the coalition protocols of this coalition. Because, MHP Chairmen Bahçeli is saying, “We don't want it” in all of his speeches. In this sense, the Resolution Process is the last move of the democratization continuity in the moves that were taken for the solution of the Kurdish issue. However, this move is being majorly sabotaged by the PKK. The PKK will either contribute towards the completion of the Resolution Process by liquidating its own armed existence, or we will move on to a new, different and radical Resolution Process stage. This is the most important clause of the coalition that will be formed.

Maybe one of the most positive developments in this process is Demirtaş's “Democracy and weapons cannot be next to each other; the organization should lay down weapons” statement. However, in a short time, we will find out whether this approach is completing the “run with the hare and hunt with the hounds” type of strategy or explaining a sincere belief. Because, in this conjuncture, it's not possible for a political movement to talk about laying down weapons and moving on to democracy, while advancing on their way with terror. There is an ordinance known by everyone; actions are more important than words in politics.


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