The nation's moment of truth

Nation's just like people have destinies. Thus, God addresses nations the same way that he addresses individuals in our Holy Book. He regards them as the subject, for example, he says, "the societies that think," and "the society that changes itself." The subject is the fate/destiny of the person, thus when a society is the subject, it too has a destiny. The person that is the subject is the khaliph. He is a piece of God's spirit, he uses his will. He chooses good or evil. The person who is the subject, is a creation that is independent. This same principle applies to societies as well. Societies have wills too and can use it in the same way. Societies that make preferences and side with the truth are independent.

People that are slaves, are not subjects. This also applies for societies that become herds too. Because a group of people that become herds cannot evolve into societies or nations. They are crowded and crowds don't have wills, preferences or independence and they don't have the opportunity to think independently. Crowds don't have statements to make or even a voice to use. The only thing they have is noise. Therefore, a crowd is just a number. They are open to any kind of intervention or leading. They have lost the 'society who thinks' feature. For this reason they are crowded, and societies who become herds are modern slaves. They represent the situation of being slaves. They cannot be subjects. They can only live by the direction of their owners, bosses and power holders. A society which doesn't 'think' for a long amount of time, will lose its ability to make decisions. The Jews where in this situation when Prophet Moses wanted to free his society from the Pharaohs rule. When he called on them to enter salvation they said, “you go and fight with your God." This is a typical slave society reaction! A society which has forgotten to resist, make decisions and use their own will. As a result they forgot and were unable to change their slave fate. Therefore, God drove them to the TIH Desert. This is the fate of societies who can't make decisions regarding their own fate.

Turkey has been sentenced to act according to the will of other societies for the past 200 years. They have been tamed with authority, parties, fears and powers. They have tried to emerge from being a subject society but instead they became a society that lost its fate. Do you know what it means to be a society with no fate? It means you don't live your own life, it means you are no longer the subject and it means you ultimately cease to exist. It means you are under the rule of other wills, other rules, other masters and societies. It means you are now adjusted to the Westerns fate. It means wherever the West's modern fate goes towards, you just follow. Just like a little boat that is tossed from one side to another in a hazardous river, our Western masters have imposed their fates, their ideas on us for the past century, fooling us to believe that we are living our own fates. In the West's idealized fate Turkey was doomed to become nothing more than a society idolizes them and just takes orders. The guards (people who supported the West) of this fate always did their job indubitably. When there was opposition to the fate, these slaves would immediately stage a "coup" on behalf of their masters. They suppressed the nation's resistance to experience its own fate. With the last coup attempt and the last resistance came forth a resurrection. The nation will wake up to its own fate. The nation will protect its own fate. This is a symbol of getting out of the TIH Desert. It comes from the desire to have its fate in its own hands and resist the local guards of the foreign masters. It is the desire to be a subject society. It is the desire to be an active society. This is exactly why the global masters are worried. Because we are putting an end to the fate that they have designed for our nation. We are waking up to our own fate. We are breaking free from our chains. We are waking up to existence. We are waking up in general. In the darkest of times we hear our poet Akif saying, "Wake up Muslim society." We are rising. We are being reborn. Every birth is a scream and we are screaming too. This is our final scream. It is the scream of birth and existence. Today the nation will scream for the last time. It is the day that society will once again exist with its own fate. It is the day that we will leave the TIH Desert for the last time.

It is the day we are honored with being a nation again. It is the last time we say "yes" to our Lord calling out, "Aren't I your Lord?"