The pointlessness of comparing bombs - ERGÜN YILDIRIM

The pointlessness of comparing bombs

We are going through a period in which terror is prevailing. Bombs, buildings exploding, martyrs... These are images that fill our conscious. We feel terror with all our blood and soul. There is not a day we do not think about it and curse it. Terror has hit our hearts. It has become a part of our lives. We face two wrong attitudes in these terror-filled days: those who say, “It is now Europe's turn to taste terrorism” and those who say, “the government deserved this.” Those who do not see the terror done in the name of Islam and those who do not realize the terror surrounding Turkey... We need to overcome these approaches and tackle terror using new politics and with a new attitude.

We will criticize Europe for providing cultural and economic logistics for the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). All initiatives needed should be done. Moreover, in order for Turkey to overcome the terrorism issue it needs to work together with Europe. Because Europe faces Daesh terror. Turkey might be able to make important contributions to Europe in this respect. As, according to all research conducted, Turkish people do not compliment Daesh.

Youth originally from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia are influenced by Wahhabi Salafism that comes from the Gulf. These are terror's biological and theological sources. Leroy, a researcher, has presented this truth after the terror attacks in Belgium. Turkey represents an Islam with a cultural and mystic side. Thus a more in-depth, inclusive and tolerant kind of Muslim attitude is developed. Europe can work on this Islamic experience and transfer this approach to its Muslim citizens.

Turkey needs to work closely with Europe in order to overcome PKK terror. Turkey is in a bed of nails. It needs global alliances to overcome this issue. This has nothing to do with nationalism or non-nationalism. Because terror works within a global network. It is not produced in Anatolia alone. Terrorism lives within a global network with its propaganda, finance, organization et cetera. Turkey needs to settle accounts with global networks in order to achieve results in its fight against terror. This is only possible by cooperating with global power centers. Europe and the U.S. are important in this respect.

The terror incidents in the Middle East and North Europe are reflected throughout Europe via refugees. Terror has many different dimensions. It breaks up societies and causes big economic and political crises. The tragedies that come about do not only affect the Middle East. At the same time, these tragedies affect Europe. We witness refugee crises. European countries have had many disputes. Therefore, the West/Europe should support the democratic Islamic movements in the Middle East and engage in dialogue with Turkey on this matter. Turkey is a country that has held Islam together with its democracy experience. It can set an example with this particular feature for Islamic movements, parties and opposition. In order for this to happen, Europe should stop supporting the rigid, pro-dictatorship and tyrant regimes in the region. As a matter of fact it should provide support for the political and economic equality in the region. Turkey should be encouraged to take on this role. It should stop supporting the one-way pressure on Turkey.

Both Turkey, the Middle East and Europe need to work cooperatively in order to overcome the terror problem they face. Therefore, there is no use in trying to challenge and clash Turkey and Europe on the terror issue. Whether terrorism is done in the name of religion or ethnicity, bombs are blasted, people are killed, countries are pushed into chaos and societies are heavily damaged. Bombs kill Muslims in Europe and kill Germans and Israelis in Turkey. A bomb is a bomb no matter where it explodes. Who it targets is of no significance. It does not matter who throws the bombs, the issue is who the bombs are directed at.


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