Turkey has told Russia to stop - ERGÜN YILDIRIM

Turkey has told Russia to stop

Russia is intervening in the Middle East in all kinds of ways. It is bombing the oppositions and killing civilians. It is using more and more planes and missiles to bomb the country. It is strengthening its bases and anchoring its warships into the Mediterranean. It is doing all this in the pretext of battling the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). The Assad regime and Iran are supporting Russia's intervention and massacres. The Assad regime is actually inviting Russia into its land. It doesn't really care if Russia turns the whole country into ruins. Just as long as the regime is standing strong. Well, how about Iran? Why is Iran keeping quiet while Russia enters Syria, commits atrocities and lays claims on the Middle East? Why are they so close to a non-Muslim country? How can it lay back and heartily watch a non-Muslim country commit atrocities in a Muslim country? Where is Khomeini's “Neither America nor Russia” approach?

Iran is hauling Russia into the region. It is doing this with an imperial understanding embracing nation-state and sectarian policies while refusing universal Islamic understandings. How can it afford to do this? It will have to pay for the price of antagonizing the Muslim community against each other, as well as allowing a non-Muslim country to violate Muslim lands.

Putin says the Middle East is the same as Caucasus for them. He is straight forwardly claiming rights on Muslim lands. The leaders of the Islamic world are supposed to react against this behavior. But, unfortunately the Arab leaders don't seem to care. Except for one leader. The president of a secular republic, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan! He is putting Russian President Vladimir Putin into his place with all his sincerity and faith. He is saying, “ Are we not saying, Russia is pursuing Evangelization policies?” Turkey is the only country in the Middle East to stand against Russia, Assad and Iran's barbaric atrocities and destructive behaviors. Russia is testing Turkey by constantly violating Turkey's borders. It is trying to show Turkey that it is the new dominating power of the region. This is what these violations mean. A second meaning Russia is trying to put across is; excluding Turkey from the rearrangements to be made on Syria and Iraq. It is for these reasons that Russia has violated our air space three times in the past year. These are assaults made against Turkey's sovereignty. This is what President Erdoğan expresses too: “ Russian planes had violated our airspace previously too. One happened in the Black Sea, which went on for 15 minutes. They were warned, and thus later they flew off. Before this incident, they violated our borders twice on Oct. 3-4. This was the third border violation. Yes, we do have strategic cooperation, yet this does not mean they are allowed to violate our sovereignty rights.”

Turkey has told Russia to stop on its third attempt. This is also an answer to Russia's domination in the region. This is to come out against an understanding that has the audacity to cooperate with a regime, which has killed 380,000 people and left millions displaced and landless. Thus, Turkey has shown that it isn't just any ordinary country in the region. Russia is stupefied with Turkey's reaction and will. This time they have attacked our trucks in order to mollify their rabid psychology. Erdoğan has said, “ Tyrannizing our citizens and striking at our trucks is playing with fire. I am sincerely advising Russia to stop playing with fire.”

Attacking aid trucks and supporting a regime that has killed hundreds of thousands of people and dehumanized its country.... This has re-appeared with Russia's “Muscovy” archetypal. Surely, there is another reason for Russia engaging in Turkey opposing actions. And that is Turkey re-integrating with the NATO alliance. The last air space violation is a direct reaction against this alliance. Russia wants a Turkey, which is alone and destitute to it. It believes that, in this way, it can do everything it wants in the Middle East and Caucasus. Turkey returning to an alliance with the West has burst Russia's bubble in this sense.


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