Turkey's help toward refugees - ERGÜN YILDIRIM

Turkey's help toward refugees

Over 2,600,000 Syrians and 700,000 Iraqis live in Turkey. As Aleppo is blockaded and Syria is being bombed, migration toward Turkey continues. We have thousands of people waiting at our borders at any given time. The U.N. wants us to open our borders – but unilaterally. The U.N. wants us to open our Middle East borders and close our borders with Europe. Meaning the only place for the refugees to go is Turkey. It is holding human rights talks over Turkey. The U.N. supposedly supports the refugees. They are supposedly helping the refugees flee the war region, genocide and hunger. However, they are just putting on an act. Because, while they show Turkey as the point of salvation, they themselves are not making any effort. As if Turkey is the only U.N. member country. Why aren't they calling out to the five permanent member countries? Why aren't they mobilizing the world's richest countries? Because, the U.N. is only talking on behalf of the five permanent member countries. NATO will now be engaged in border security activities. It will do this because it sees the refugee wave as a threat to the West. NATO is undertaking this role to brush off this threat.

Europe is stupefied with the refugee wave that is headed toward it. Europeans have lost discernment and are left speechless. They are passing laws that are incompatible with human rights. They are seizing the belongings of the refugees and introducing them as rapists. It seems like human rights has vanished in Europe. Merkel is the only one backing the refugees. They are angry with Merkel's stance too. They are accusing her. Europe wants Turkey to be the only one burdening itself with the refugee wave. They want Turkey to turn into a station.

What is the real source of the refugee wave? Who incited war in the Middle East? Trying to turn Turkey into a refugee base without finding the reasons for this wave and attempting to fix these problems is the West's biggest mistake. Syrian leader Bashar Assad is attacking the people with barrel bombs and chemical weapons. The percentage of Russian airstrikes on Daesh is 22 percent, while the rate of attacks directed at civilians is 88 percent. Who would want to live in an environment that is under constant attack? People are not abandoning their country, they are trying to flee from the bombs. They want to survive hunger, massacres and chaos. Terrorist organizations, the Assad regime and Russia have turned Syria into a battlefield. Nearly half of the population (8 million people) has migrated. So, 65 percent of the population is scattered around the country trying to escape these attacks. The U.N. should call for an end to these attacks in order for the refugee wave to stop. It should warn the world about Russia's doings in Syria.

Many people are dying in the Aegean and European shores every day. The photographs, broadcasts and news on the deaths of these refugees are making us compliant. These incidents are turning into daily routines for us. Watching them and listening to stories on them have become normalized activities like eating and drinking. Our conscious is starting to accept these deaths. Turkey is making great sacrifices against this routine. The state migration office, the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) and the Family and Social Politics minister are working on important projects on this issue. Turkey's NGOs are working closely with our refugees. Many foundations and associations are trying to assist the needs of refugees living throughout Turkey. They are trying to assist them economically, housing them and assisting them with their educational and social needs. They are doing what the Ansar did – meaning “the helpers,” Ansar is a name given to the people of Medina who helped the Muslims who migrated Mecca during the time of Prophet Muhammad – in terms of helping them in a wide range of areas. The Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), HÜDAYİ Foundation, İyilik Der, the Anadolu Platform are some of these “Ansars.”

Turkey has already spent close to $8 billion on the some 3 million refugees. They are defending them against the whole world, talking on their behalf and are trying to reach solutions. Turkey is doing this at a time in which it is facing terrorist attacks. Turkey is doing this in spite of the rich Arab countries. However, the refugee wave is now trying to be used as a weapon against Turkey. They want Turkey to shoulder everything alone. Turkey is a station for refugees to pass through while heading to the West, yet it is anticipated to turn into a country full of refugee camps for these refugees, so the West can live in harmony.


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