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Lay down arms, give up on violence!

We shouldn't reach a defective result just by looking at the recent developments and the organization's terror attacks. Democratic expansion and the Resolution Process are of course correct political decisions. It was necessary for the struggle again... more

The West, Iran and Turkey

As the nuclear negotiations are finalized and it was understood that from now on this process will be progressing positively, I guess that you've read comments related with how the situation in Iran, which has the possibility to re-merge with the wor... more

Why choose the AK Party and MHP coalition?

Turkey is debating possible coalition scenarios. Rumor has it that the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD), as well as deputies and party administrators from the AK Party and the Republican People's Party (CHP) are generally in favor o... more

June 7 Lessons

The Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP)'s success represents one of the large waves resulting in the conclusions of the June 7 elections. Essentially, the HDP carried out propaganda on the field, which encouraged rallying around Kurds' ethnic identity, a... more

Why is the “silent majority” silent?

From the lives of the bees that also gave the name to a surah in Quran (Surah An-Nahl), there are a lot of examples we human beings should take. Most of their effort goes into make honey. Of course they don't only make honey for us to eat. The honey ... more

Why do they want to identify with the Nazis?

I don't feel close to the policies of the Committee of Union and Progress, yet I cannot willingly accept incriminating them with intentionally committing genocide and having them wiped out of our history like a rotten tooth. Especially after coming t... more

Why would a historian be so famous?

The state, which we could possibly refer to as the “popularization of history,” has probably been grabbing your attention for a while now, as it has mine. The historical-religious novels, movies and TV series are easily written and find takers just a... more

Resolution pains in the light of Qandil

If a “Truth Commission” is established one day, then President Erdoğan's name will be on the top of the list of people who contributed towards ending the bloodshed of siblings and the matter of resolving a problem through democratic politics the most... more

'There is no Kurdish issue!'

In Balıkesir, President Erdoğan said; “The conversation is still around the Kurdish issue. What Kurdish issue are they talking about? There is no such thing anymore… In this country, every ethnic element has it’s own specific issues…. Our Gypsy broth... more

Where are they attacking Turkey from?

İbrahim Karagül has written an important article entitled, “ISIL might hit Turkey”. He states that Jordan, who opened war against ISIL after they executed a pilot, fell for the trap and that ISIL had paved the way for Sisi’s attack on Libya by killin... more

‘Will these people establish the New Turkey?’

We are witnessing great transformations in every field of our country. Even the “Resolution Process”, which is only a “section” within this great transformation, is including turnovers, which other communities qualify as “revolution”, and mind transf... more

At the command of brutal savagery

Now we can also add the “events of October 7-8” to our collection. For years in the future, we will debate how and why they occurred and who was responsible for them. It turned the last day of the Bayram holiday into a poisonous one…This was the peri... more

A psychological analysis of Sacrifice worship

In these modern times, we are beset by a mentality of being “one with nature” and praising the act of “being natural.” Of course, “mother nature” holds a place of very high esteem for us, but what exactly does “naturalness” mean? It is a paradoxical ... more


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