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The Resolution Process in the refrigerator

The actual understanding, which is planting dynamite on the Resolution Process' path and poisoning our vaccine, was the organization's view that regarded itself as an equal with the government, and regarded itself as the representative of the Kurds and the government as the representative of the Turks. This defective view spread to some Leftist and liberal circles, and following the June 7th elections, it started to be shared by secularist segments. With such a view, forget about resolving any ethnic issue or ethnicity-related terror incident; we won't even have a chance. It's not possible for the possessor of this view, which regards the organization and government as equal existences at the negotiation level even though one is stronger than the other, to honestly believe in the Resolution Process and make an effort in that direction. Due to this view, which only and only serves the purpose of legitimating terror, they regarded the Resolution Process as an opportunity to buy some time, in order to get more out of the enemy, and to conduct a “lie” diplomacy that presents them as the real apostle of peace in the international arena. They thought that when the conditions are more convenient they would go back to the conflict days again and present the government, which is the “invader” and the source of all evil, as being responsible for the war again.

Since we mentioned the “international arena”, we should mention the other essential factor that works against the “Resolution Process”. This factor is the belief related with the necessity of conducting the process by basing it on outer dynamics, rather than the internal ones. Qandil being in the first place, all the circles that are greeting the organization and appealing to it, have this belief. In every phase, they mentioned such ideas, and the Qandil spokesmen were of the opinion that the “Monitoring Committee”, which became quite prominent for a while, should be formed by foreign forces. Now, there is no change in their ideas; the only thing that changed is the expression that is “tampering”, self-seeking and fits the day. The following is what Zübeyir Aydar, who is speaking on behalf of the KCK, said;

“What we want from the U.S. Congress and White House is to play a role that brings peace in the forefront in order to achieve resolution in the Kurdish issue. Saying 'We are Turkey's friend, and NATO is our ally' is not enough. The conflicts we are experiencing now are not between the Kurds and Turkey. We want the U.S. to realize this reality. They should bring us side by side with Turkey on the table. With that, we will play a bigger role in the war against ISIL. The U.S. has the means to provide this.”

HDP Co-Chairman Demirtaş's recent calling in Brussels, stating that Ankara should be pressurized, was the necessity of this understanding. While calling NATO to take a significant position against Turkey's operation directed at the PKK targets in Northern Iraq, Demirtaş is also stating that what's happening is unjust and is a war that has no foundations. He wants the U.S. to come into play in order for the ceasefire and negotiations to restart, and while stating that the U.S. should be included in the negotiations as a neutral observer, he is stating that either the U.S. or another institution can play this part.

These words are without a doubt ajit-prop intended, and are expressions that have no aspect to take into consideration and are quite far from resolving the process. However, it was up to the journalists there to prefer not to direct questions to him like, “Whose account are you speaking for?” or “What does your desired 'fair war' look like?” However, these words are clear evidence to our fixation related with “Why the Resolution Process is not progressing”. The organization and their supporters are of the opinion that the issue is between two governments - one is active while the other is prospective- while regarding the organization as equals to the government. They think that an issue between two different governments can be solved by the interference of international forces. This is why they are always using Palestine as an example every time they are talking about their situation. There is no possibility of moving towards resolution with this view.

Our nation is our most mutual value. We can object to its process, and want to change it completely; however, our government should also be regarded as the manifestation of our mutual historical efforts and mutual minds, rather than as the oppression tool of an ethnicity or a class. If we find a consensus over the “nation” and “government” matters, then it will be easier to resolve the issue. I think that the intention behind the “Newroz Declaration”, which started the process, was to underline our mutual values. However, it seems that the “mediators” and Qandil are not subjected to mutual values, but rather they are involved in an effort to break the process. Without a doubt, even if there is no consensus over national and governmental matters, it's necessary to take risks in the name of stopping the bloodshed. This is a completely different matter, where different procedures will process and which shouldn't be compared with the present one. At the present point, if things continue in this direction, it's clear that the Resolution Process will not be different than the conflict days. If we look at the statements of the government spokesmen, they still haven't given up their hopes on finding respondents that can become partners in national and governmental values.

It's clear that these respondents; who are faithful to the Resolution Process, like the original in the Newroz Declaration, desire for Kurds and Turks to live freely and fraternally in a democratic country, pursue the resolution of the Kurdish issue in the consolidation of democracy, possess a local view, are from these lands and grip the matter like us, and has the power and skill to have the organization lay down their arms; are HDP members. What's desired is for them to take the stage… Let's see; can this be achieved?


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