How intense is your anger and resentment over Gaza?

As I watched Israeli soldiers partying amidst the ruins of Gaza, which had been devastated by aerial bombardment, where thousands of children lost their lives, I came to the conclusion that we are once again falling into a great illusion by expecting mercy from Israel and Western states aligned with it as conscientious individuals. We hope for a shred of humanity from Israel because we cannot overcome our conscience in the face of the brutality we witness.

But why? The Zionist ideology that built Israel does not have such a promise, yet we still desire a life akin to the one in the song we've had stuck in our minds since childhood: "If the whole world were united, if everyone were brothers, holding hands, life would be like a festival." Is it possible? Let's accept it now, it's not possible!

Just look at the last century. We did not cause the First and Second World Wars, where millions died, countries were invaded, and borders and systems changed. We did not brutally kill Jews that Europe pushed into the arms of the Nazis by refusing to accept them in gas chambers. We did not drop nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We did not turn the city of Dresden into an inferno. We did not brutally destroy 2 million civilians in Vietnam. We did not exploit all of Africa to the bone. While the cries of the Turkish Cypriots and the people of Karabakh echo in our ears, the Bosniak genocide in Srebrenica did not happen under our watch, did it? We did not invade Iraq with lies and conspiracies. We did not condemn the people of Afghanistan to an dishonorable life.

So... Why do we still expect humane and civilized behavior from America, Israel, England, France, and Germany, whose hands we see dripping with blood?

Part of it is due to the influence of Holocaust-themed films we've been watching. We still wonder, "How do these soldiers, the first-generation descendants of Jews who suffered genocide and witnessed various atrocities, commit even more heinous acts against the Palestinians?" Didn't we have similar reactions while watching 'The Pianist,' 'Escape from Sobibor,' 'Schindler's List,' and similar Holocaust films?

Because America and Israel, holding the reins of the film industry, have managed to subject the whole world to the servitude of the 'Holocaust Industry.'

We should listen to the famous political scientist Norman Finkelstein, a Jew who wrote a book with the concept of the 'Holocaust Industry': "The Holocaust began to be used to suppress all criticisms against Israel. For example, when you talk about human rights abuses committed by Israel against Palestine, they respond by using the Holocaust."

The support for the Gaza genocide from people over 60 in America and European countries has also been reflected in polls. On the other hand, individuals raised disconnected from Western traditions, enchanted by the magic of the modern world, in their middle and young age, are filling the squares in Europe and America, singing freedom songs for Palestine. They engage in creative, impactful actions that showcase the brutality of Israel and its supporters. We can only read this sharp divergence of views between parents and children through the influence of Holocaust films on generations. Hopefully, an expert will conduct this analysis in-depth and, if possible, at an academic article level.

The Gaza genocide, witnessed by the entire world for 43 days, should at least convince us of one thing: Israel has no qualms or hesitation about killing. There is no authority to hold them accountable. With the intoxication of power, America and Israel are slaughtering the people of Gaza as if they have lost control. In fact, we are witnessing the beginning of the collapse. Deviation has always brought heavy and tragic ends. Once again, Israel and the Zionists are at the peak of deviation. We see it, we feel it.

Here, we need to make promises to ourselves. We must build a life never to forget the brutality, the Gaza genocide, where all the values of humanity are trampled upon. Our anger should never subside. Our resentment should never weaken. We must etch every scene we witness into our memories. We must be so aware that we will not let Hollywood, Netflix, and Disney's "cute, humanist, and oppressed Israel" films and series occupy even a second of our time. We must promise ourselves not to be enamored with a movie or a series.

President Erdoğan made an observation that will go down in world political history by saying, "We don't owe anything to Israel." Yes, we don't owe anything, but we have things to collect from Israel. They killed the children, women, and men of the ummah in Gaza. Israel and America have trampled on the honor, dignity, and reputation of Muslims. We must regain our honor. For this, we need to remember our resentment and anger. What did the late Alija Izetbegović say? "Whatever you do, do not forget the genocide. Because a forgotten genocide is repeated." Unfortunately, we did not heed this historical warning. Now, if we do not want to live humiliated and suffer genocide in the future, we must demand accountability for Gaza. Those who ask, "How will this happen?" will be there. A cup of coffee not drunk, boycotted, is one answer to this question.

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