Our Bare Hands and Israel!

On the night of May 26, a disturbing scene unfolded before us. Israel bombed tents housing displaced Palestinians in the area near the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) warehouses with warplanes. Dozens of people burned to death in the blazing tents.

This atrocity was experienced by Gazans who had lost their homes, families, and survived countless bombings, being displaced multiple times. They sought safety near the UN warehouses in Rafah, a so-called safe zone.

The International Court of Justice had just issued a precautionary measure, ordering Israel to immediately stop its attacks on Rafah. However, Israel responded to The Hague with an even more severe massacre, defiantly presenting new evidence of genocide to the tribunal and challenging the entire world. By burning our brothers and sisters, Israel declared its intent to continue the genocide, unbound by any rules or entity.

Israel's eight-month-long campaign of targeting and killing displaced people suffering from hunger, thirst, and severe illnesses in their tents signifies the extension of the conflict beyond Gaza and a challenge to the entire world. Yesterday's attack was also a desperate acknowledgment of the impotence of the 'international law' mechanism. The UN, which is supposed to maintain global order, ensure peace, and end injustices, was once again humiliated by Israel. The European Union remains utterly silent.

So what now? The International Criminal Court is deemed ineffective. The United Nations is deemed ineffective. Peace talks are deemed ineffective. Diplomatic sanctions, though implemented due to public pressure, have not been substantial enough to make Israel back down. The widespread "hatred of Israel" in the US and Europe has not been enough to stop the genocide. Meanwhile, Israel has started to disregard its protector and arms supplier, the United States. What did the main perpetrator Netanyahu say? “If we don't get US support, we will go into Rafah on our own.” And indeed, that’s what happened. Israel entered Rafah, spreading flames.

As Israel demonstrates its nature as a nation of destruction, what should we do? Let’s admit and openly discuss: decisive actions must be taken to confront Israel with the harm it’s causing the world. For instance, heeding the late Necmettin Erbakan’s warning, “Israel only understands force.” It's clear there is no state currently capable of stopping Israel in the existing power balance. Or there is a lack of courage to do so.

The issue isn’t just about weapons. Israel has effectively surrounded many countries and peoples without using arms. Its cloak of immunity and uncriticizability is its strongest weapon. While it is evident that Zionism is a radical terrorist organization, mentioning the genocide in Gaza is still considered "anti-Semitism." This is why the International Criminal Court could only make a decision about Netanyahu by also indicting Hamas leaders. As long as states, institutions, and the global system cannot overcome the walls of fear built by Israel, the genocide in Gaza will continue. A day will come when Israel punishes those who oppose the genocide or impose sanctions on it. They will pay a price.

The situation looks dire for the rest of the world, including us. On the night of the Rafah bombing, we invited those who couldn’t stay home to Saraçhane Park as part of the Palestine Initiative. At around 2 AM, 300-500 people who left their warm beds shared the same anger, calling for action against Israel with their bare hands. This wasn't just a feeling. It wasn't momentary. A small group of people was there in complete solidarity. This stage has been reached. Let me be clear: the anger towards Israel, which is killing Gaza minute by minute, is turning into anti-Semitism worldwide and in our country. It is impossible to predict where and how this flood of anger will erupt. A wave is coming that will go beyond the eight-month-long unsuccessful efforts of states, armies, leaders, and diplomatic norms.

On one hand, Israeli soldiers smiling for photos after burning Gazan babies alive in Rafah, and on the other, Turkish citizens participating in the Israeli army and the Gaza genocide. In Telegram groups, Israelis posting “You can exchange one kilogram of Gazan baby for one kilogram of chicken,” while some still refuse to criticize Israel or condemn the genocide.

Let’s think out loud: What should people do in the face of this scenario? What path should those who oppose Israel and Zionist terror take?

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