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Exploratory talks

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu made a farewell speech on Thursday and announced properly, in a way that could be understood by all, that he would step down from his duty.

“I will continue my mission as a member of my party. I am not hurt by anyone. Our government fulfilled very important duties in a short period of time. It is our turn now to make an effort for the following steps. My relationship with our President [Recep Tayyip Erdoğan] will continue as before,” he said and withdrew.

Those who have done some reading on political science would know that such changes will, one way or another, cause certain intraparty surges.

Even if not within the parties, they will be held subject to evaluation by the voters, with the position changes questioned.

I hope and wish that the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) will not get caught in the turbulence I mentioned at neither the administrative nor voter levels. Otherwise it will not be good for Turkey.

It is possible to make out from his speech that Davutoğlu is never going to allow his name to be mentioned in association with a separatist organization or movement.

I have a few pieces of useful advice for those writers and illustrators who failed to grasp the situation despite this statement.

The Davutoğlu period is over and so are the discussions on his term in office.

Any action he took since the day he was appointed prime minister, was within the president's knowledge.

Now President Erdoğan will nominate one of the names he will call for breakfast to Beştepe and 15 days later the new chairman of the AK Party will be determined.

How do we know this? Because Davutoğlu was appointed chairman in the same way.

President Erdoğan wanted to turn to a new page and the authorized committees of the party did what had to be done.

It would be a huge mistake from now on to continue to keep on the agenda the comparison of the Davutoğlu period and the period after him and especially to continue the new constitution process based on this comparison.

The course, content and type of discussions will harm both the party and the first election to be held for the system change.

Since the day it was established, the AK Party, despite Erdoğan, was not a party where anybody could make independent decisions, everybody knows this.

Therefore showing the last period as “the least successful period of the party” does not satisfy anyone, on the contrary it has a negative effect on the new period.

Political reality orders to discuss the situation at hand.

It is difficult to predict from now how the voters may react to the change in the AK Party.

While the situation maintains its mystery and since Davutoğlu declared that he is going to continue to serve his party, an intraparty tension theory will not work.

I doubt that those who interpret Davutoğlu's “I am ready to quit the office” statement as “he even turned down the position,” will make any positive contributions to the process.

In Turkey, political movements are sometimes ended by the state and sometimes by the people.

For example, late President Turgut Özal's Motherland Party (ANAP) was finished by the state and Mesut Yılmaz's ANAP was finished by the people.

If you are curious how it happened, Özal was governing the people, whereas those governing the state were ruling Mesut Yılmaz.

Now the AK Party's golden opportunity is that it has been governing both the state and the people.

Uniting the state and the people under a single post with their authorities, if also approved with the support of the opposition, can turn into a sustainable system.

Forget about the opposition in our country. Unless the ruling party is fully understood by the people in relation to the system change, it will be beneficial to shift the discussion to this ground.

The language used does not serve the purpose, the examples provided are wrong, the dispute is continuing in a way that is displeasing to AK Party voters.

The coalition meetings continued after the June elections remained in memories with the aid of an original name.

What was the AK Party saying? “We will see what happens after the exploratory talks with the opposition party…”

Since the “new constitution” is currently the most important item on Turkey's agenda, exploratory talks must be started between the AK Party administration and the people to help them better understand the new system.

I reiterate, the Davutoğlu period is over. Presenting this term as a term in which the party and the country were in a deadlock and could not perform, saying “just you wait and see what is going to happen from now onward,” has no value in the eyes of AK Party voters.

I suppose that when President Erdoğan referred to the decision for an extraordinary congress as “the prime minister's suggestion,” he was stressing how the political language I mentioned should be.


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