Globalists revealed with Pizza Gate

HASAN ÖZTÜRK,  Tuesday 10:01, 22 November 2016
As you know, a matter called Pizza Gate was swept under the carpet. I would at least like it to go down in the records.

I am one of those who does not see the power of esoterism in world hegemony as a “conspiracy theory.”

I believe that those who set up and control the established order in the world, from the most known masonic structures to the most unknown one, are under the influence of esoterism.

In this context, world hegemons are always a matter of curiosity with their secret forms of relationship and meetings.

The names of some of these got involved in the “Pizza Gate” scandal with numerous infamies including child abuse.

A memory:

At a time I came to Istanbul on a temporary duty in 1998, there was talk of a meatball place along the Bosporus. Everyone was talking about the amazing taste of the meatballs made by a tradesman who turned a minibus into a meatball shop. The meatball place was the rave among celebrities too. One day the news agency had a story that read, “The meatball shop owner on the Bosporus [which so-and-so artist also frequents] turned out to be a drug seller…”

Let's continue:

The names of outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama and Democrat Hillary Clinton also got involved in Pizza Gate. As a matter of fact, it was even claimed that Obama ordered $60,000 worth of pizza from the pizza shop owner in question.

Similar to the Bosporus meatball shop owner, the pizza shop owner's actual job is not making pizza - child abuse was revealed through the Pizza paper.

Who knows why, pizza gate did not draw much attention from the mainstream media.

But then again, neither did the position the U.S. will take after Donald Trump's election as president, nor the EU's future.

The future of the world economic order is no different to those whose name got involved in that scandal.

The battle continuing between the "globalists," who defend the free circulation of capital in the U.S. and the world, and those defending the nation-state understanding was finally revealed with Pizza Gate.

The swords have been drawn out of their sheaths. We are now going to be faced with bloodier showdowns as nation-states are re-strengthening themselves against the stateless global capital.

Merkel vs. Trump, globalists, neo-nationalists

I had said, "The West is going to start battling again among itself," and had added in last week's article that "it's going to be very bloody."

Can a Germany with Chancellor Angela Merkel be an alternative to Trump's U.S.?

Apparently certain "globalists" see Merkel as the leader of the post-Obama "free world" (this expression belongs to those making the claim). They say her job is tough, but she can manage, et cetera.

The fight between globalists and neo-nationalists had been continuing for years, but it was never as out in the open until Trump's election. Globalists, namely, "stateless international actors," had put nation-states on the target.

It seems that states protecting themselves today, what's more is their objecting to its own middle classes becoming poorer in the face of the quick and free circulation of money has ignited the war.

We do not know whether the apparent leadership in this war will transfer to the U.S. with Trump or if the U.S. can become a nation-state and stop the globalists.

We also have concerns that Merkel might lead the globalists.

But there is one more thing we know. Stateless global capital compradors are rapidly moving the West toward a war within itself with the ambition to add more to their money.

To add another note: the Globalists' army was "terrorist organizations." The war between the advocates of nation-states and terrorist organizations is going to further intensify.

A long-term bloody countdown awaits the world.

According to Kılıçdaroğlu, CHP members are constantly in tap houses

Republican People's Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu just cannot dominate his party. The CHP leadership, which is unable to offer suggestions for any social problem, is also suffering from the laziness of its party organizations.

What's more is Kılıçdaroğlu made a generalization, describing the CHP organizations as, “those who get drunk at tap houses.”

He says, “We go to the tap houses in the evenings, we open the raki [an alcoholic drink], then come the mezzes and start talking from the chairman to the provincial head… We save the country, we are drunk, we go home, hit the sack and then [when we wake up] in the morning it's all gone. Of course you can drink, but we also need to think about Turkey's future.”

There isn't much to say after this statement.

The CHP leadership categorized its entire party members and declared them “tap housers”. What more can we say?

#Pizza Gate
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