The Suleiman Shah Tomb in Karakozaq must become the central base of Syria’s safe zone

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Hasan Öztürk

Born in Çankırı in 1968, Hasan Öztürk graduated from the Faculty of Communication at Ankara University in 1995. He began his journalism career at Zaman newspaper in 1986. He served as a Press Counselor at the Hizmet İş and Öz İplik İş Unions affiliated with Hak-İş. He served as an editor, news director, and editor-in-chief in various Ankara-based newspapers. He was among the founders of Ayyıldız newspaper in 1999. In September of the same year, he started to work as the night chief at Yeni Şafak daily. He started working at Kanal 7 Television in 2000. He worked for both Yeni Şafak and Kanal 7 for 3 years. In 2003, he served as a news director at Kanal 7. In 2008, he became the founding Editor-in-Chief of Ülke TV. He wrote daily columns for Haber7.com between 2009 and 2015 and Star newspaper between 2015-and 2016. He is married with three children.

Hasan Öztürk

It was only a week ago that the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) Syrian affiliate, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), patrolled together with the U.S. in the east of the Euphrates, north of Syria.

They also shared photos of the incident. At the same time, U.S. chief of General Staff declared the YPG/PKK terrorist organization “reliable” and sang their praises.

All this happened last week. Right after it, U.S. and Turkish troops conducted their first patrol together in the east of the Euphrates with grandiose visual media exposure.

So, to what extent will this visual publicity impact the outcome? This is the question of the day. The answer to the question is hidden in the attitude President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been displaying since the day the “agreement has been achieved” statement was made. The president has been cautious and critical since the very first day.

Erdoğan said, “In the event Turkey does not control the safe zone with its own troops come October, the necessary steps will be taken.” He also added, “Our ally is seeking to establish a safe zone not for our sake but for that of the terrorist organization. We object to this.”

The way we see it is that the plug was pulled on the agreement the day U.S. troops and terrorists patrolled arm-in-arm on Turkey’s border. It ended the day the U.S. flag fluttered out of the armored vehicles together with the YPG/PKK flag.

It’s do or die

We saw once more that the U.S. cannot be trusted. The U.S. is taking Turkey as backup and wants Turkey to deal with the YPG/PKK terrorist organization. It has partially achieved this. Yet, it is now time to show that we do not accept this.

Turkey is a country that is aware its strength and limits. It is not a country seeking adventure. However, long-term U.S. strategic goals and Turkey’s security are in no way compatible.

Therefore, the “step” taken together with the U.S. to solve it through “peace,” is unfortunately limited. We are going to have to do the job ourselves. Unless the safe zone Turkey wants is established in the east of the Euphrates, we will not rest.

We have an obligation to intervene in the region with our own means and capacity at once. It’s either do or die.

What if the first step was to relocate Suleiman Shah back to Karakozaq?

The timing of the “Suleiman Shah Tomb” statement by Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli, who spoke at the Ertuğrul Ghazi commemoration ceremony in Söğüt, seems quite telling. Unfortunately, the Suleiman Shah Saygı Outpost in Karakozaq, Turkey’s sole territory outside Turkey’s borders, was sacrificed to the “Eşme spirit” PKK ringleader Abdullah Öcalan saluted.

The Suleiman Shah Saygı Outpost (Tomb) came under Daesh’s threat and was suddenly evacuated one night in Februrary 2015. Suleiman Shah and his two cavalries’ sarcophagi were transferred to Syrian Eşme (the region under YPG/PKK occupation). I admit, I too was influenced by the propaganda back then and had defended this transfer. However, we later realized that this transfer was a wrong move.

Due to the fact that PKK ringleader Öcalan, who sent a letter from İmralı Island – where he is imprisoned – marking Nevruz celebrations in 2015, which had included a sentence saying, “I salute the Eşme spirit.”

Information that was later shared with the public showed the gravity of the situation. It was revealed that the U.S. held meetings with Turkish officials exactly seven times in Ankara to have the Suleiman Shah Tomb transferred. We learned from reliable sources that they finally convinced Turkey as a result of those meetings. If you remember, back then, the “the Daesh threat” paved the way to the establishment of MLKP terrorist camps in the same area. The YPG took position on the same front.

After the transfer, military operations in the area by Turkey had become out of the question.

As you can understand, we were all fooled by a smokescreen. Now, I believe, is the perfect time to transfer our ancestor Suleiman Shah’s tomb to its second eternal resting place in Karakozaq. This operation is crucial for Turkey’s determination with respect to the east of the Euphrates.

I also know that Karakozaq’s currently Arabic-speaking population, who are originally Karakeçili Yuruks, are also excitedly waiting for this transfer. This way, we would also be sending out a good message to the U.S. that had failed to keep its promise to us in Manbij.


Could you not have shed a tear for the children of Diyarbakır and their mothers as you smiled with the goose statue?

Mothers in Diyarbakır are on watch for their children. The number of families in front of the Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP) Diyarbakır Provincial Office asking for their children abducted by the PKK to be returned is increasing by the day – as is the support pouring in for them from all over Turkey.

Women journalists were there the other day. We read their observations, their reports. We saw the suffering of mothers, fathers, sisters, siblings for the children lost to the terrorist organization.

Some actors are also supporting these mothers.

Yet there is not a peep from the actors, who appeared in all sorts of anti-government, anti-state organizations and made statements – even though some came of age during this period. For example, I looked at comedian Cem Yılmaz’s most recent tweet. It is about İzmir. Very interesting. This same comedian had tweeted only a few weeks ago about the trees being cut for the gold mine in Kirazlı Tepe, holding a goose statue in his hand.

Another actor was complaining about how expensive the Istanbul-İzmir highway tolls are.

It seems these rascals do not care about the youth lost to the PKK. These rascals do not care about the youth who are held against their will by the PKK terrorist organization, forced to take up weapons and join demonstrations and die at a young age.

It is either that or they are ill-intentioned. Perhaps they are feeding off of the PKK terrorist organization’s abduction of those children, handing weapons to them and getting them to shoot at soldiers, the police and teachers with those weapons.

Perhaps they are feeding off of the atmosphere formed by the children abducted at a very young age and turned into terrorists. Who knows?

Because anyone with the slightest conscience, the slightest love for children, homeland and nation would hope for the rescue of the children abducted and support the mothers of Diyarbakır. They would speak up against the PKK terrorist organization. They would curse terrorism and seek peace. Am I wrong? Please tell me, for God’s sake.

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The Suleiman Shah Tomb in Karakozaq must become the central base of Syria’s safe zone
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