Another trap in FETÖ cases - HASAN ÖZTÜRK

Another trap in FETÖ cases

I touched upon the subject on the traps set in the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) cases several times in this column.

Additionally, I mentioned the "poker faced" informants directing and turning the issue in another direction under the synonym of confession.

Another matter I touched upon was that a mechanism that could, in the future, judge "everybody" with additional indictments through the ambiguity in the "history of the crime" regarding the FETÖ cases, was in the works.

There is one other trap – or let's say, a claim.

This trap is the "priority" of some of the judges and prosecutors on duty in FETÖ cases.

Allow me to share an insider claim.

The guy is a member of the judiciary. He is no FETÖ member. He is neither conservative nor a nationalist. Don't worry, he is not a neo-nationalist or a Kemalist either.

In other words, he is a man of all ages. Competence? No, that is not what we seek. He took advantage of the void and snatched up a position. And since he isn't a FETÖ member, nothing was said.

"He worships power." He turns to whichever direction he sees power – almost like a windmill. He is open to manipulation.

If one day, things change, so will he. To that extent.

Numerous members of the judiciary are said to share this quality. It is said, "FETÖ is still carrying out closed operations. The organization is manipulating certain cases. It is playing with social susceptibility. It is thus creating the perception that there is vulnerability. It is carrying out these operations through the men of all ages. Because those men have a sole concern: Their individual interests."

I am not the one claiming this; it is “inside” information.

My duty is to announce this to the addressees of these claims.

It is our duty to remember the traps in FETÖ cases and challenge them.

A perpetrator of the zombie children

It was back in those days when the Gezi provocation had not yet happened. Even though the number of “zombie children” in the middle of Istanbul were not rising, a major operation was being carried out. Drugs had reached the gates of primary schools. Contrary to oral spread topic of what the actual substance was which were turning children in to zombies, those were the days during when police directly shared information. When I say police, consider them FETÖ’s lowly operation staff.

I took it upon myself as a duty. I started an investigation that reached bonsai “traders” through its users in a suburb. I gathered quite a bit of information. I found out who was distributing it, where they were distributing it, to whom and how.

I went and asked for help from a police chief I thought I knew. He sent me a deputy inspector. We met up at a cafeteria late one evening.

I opened the file I had. I said, “These men are marketing this nuisance using these youth.” I added that it is our duty as a community to protect children, this drug had spread all the way into primary schools. Then I explained that the police needed to conduct an operation regarding this.

The deputy inspector looked at my face and said, “OK, but the parents should take care of these children, they give them free reign then suffer.”

I was shocked. I stood up and left without even saying goodnight.

Security teams were on one side, bonsai on the other

The Gezi events took place. The Dec. 17 and Dec. 25, 2013 coup attempt had occurred. Great changes took place in the police in Istanbul. Forget about that file, I just mentioned a couple of statements from the contents of that file and the police did what was necessary.

FETÖ is the main source of the widespread drug called bonsai and the reason it is easily accessible. FETÖ’s police branch has made this drug become widespread in cities, especially in Istanbul. Families’ efforts, the efforts of people sensitive to the topic have been disregarded for a long time. Those who were promoted to police chiefs for Istanbul through the “security teams” and what they later turned  a blind eye to should be investigated thoroughly.

Is there a new perception operation?

So how should we explain bonsai coming up on the agenda again in recent days?

Great success is being achieved in the fight against drugs in Turkey in recent years. According to data announced by the Interior Ministry covering the last four months, the heroin found has increased 54 percent compared to last year, while the bonsai and methamphetamine found increased 32 percent and 157, respectively. This is an achievement.

There are two reasons for this increase. The first is the relentless fight against drugs. The second is that the operation against Turkey through drugs is rapidly continuing.

Bonsai is being spread on the market again in recent days. And “extraordinariness” is being spread through the zombie youth.

FETÖ was supposedly going to come and save the youth from bonsai

 According to the Mehdi (antichrist) belief, the Antichrist would arrive at a time when all hell breaks loose on earth, and re-establish the order.

The reflection of this belief in FETÖ members was as follows:

Violence in Turkey would rise (for example, all information that domestic violence increased were presented by FETÖ), there would be disorder and one day FETÖ would come, take control and re-establish the order in Turkey.

This belief was destroyed by the people who resisted the July 15, 2016 coup and internal invasion attempt.

Now they are trying something new, which is “making evil become widespread.” What can also be summarized as “forcing God to doomsday,” the projection of an Evangelist ideology.

In accordance with this belief, FETÖ staff are fueling anarchy, getting youth and children involved in bad habits.

How about looking at the bonsai or “zombie children” matter in this aspect?



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