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They're aware of Turkey’s refugee burden, but are we?

Russian President Vladimir Putin's Chief Advisor Dmitry Peskov made headlines in Turkey on Monday, stating his views with respect to Turkey's refugee burden, Peskov said something along the lines of, "I saw that Istanbul became an Arabic-speaking cou... more

Have you not understood with whom Turkey’s war is?

The more Turkey turns toward the terror corridor that wants to be established in the east of the Euphrates by the hand of the U.S., some groups in the country say, "but the Kurds."We saw a similar incident during the Kurdistan Regional Government (KR... more

Was the pastor innocent?

Could there be a foreign policy stuck between those who say "Let him go" and "Let him rot in prison" regarding pastor Brunson?Or, who can think that they hold the power to determine Turkey's foreign policy and with what reason?We have been beaten dow... more

It's possible to prevent a deepening of the economic trauma

Inflation has risen to almost 20 percent. The dollar exchange rate has not settled. Turkey is under an economic attack, which may be a heavy bill for the public to pay during the upcoming fall and winter months.Economy experts speak of these every da... more

US's strategic target is Turkey

Does U.S. President Donald Trump really know what he wants? How much impact and authority does Trump have in U.S. politics?The U.S. civil war is ongoing as the Evangelicals and hawks make more way by the day. The White House is now surrounded by thos... more


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