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'Fifth column' in asymmetric warfare activated

In a sense, “Sevres” means “Great Armenia, Great Kurdistan, the Republic of Ionia.”

“Sevres” means detaching Istanbul's Marmara from Turkey with the excuse of the straits. It means traveling to Istanbul, Diyarbakır, İzmir, Gaziantep and Kars with passport.

Fortifying the defense line

The statements, “We are in an asymmetric warfare,” and “If we stop, the conditions of Sevres would develop,” both belong to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The intention of both statements are obvious.

Those who want to divide us are attacking from all corners, opening every front, using every weapon.

In other words, we don't have a single front standing against us.

In other words, we don't have a single enemy against us.

In other words, those who we think are friends may be enemies and those who think are enemies may be friends.

In other words, the fire may come not only from ahead but from our right, left or behind… from among us, from those who we think are one of us.

In other words, our “friends” may hit us through terrorist organizations and weaken us in the asymmetric warfare.

Then, we need to find a way to strengthen our defense line everywhere we have a presence.

Fifth column in action

The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) is conducting its most comprehensive outside border operation after the Cyprus Peace Operation with the Euphrates Shield. Al-Bab's Akil Mountain is what the Beşparmak Mountains were yesterday.

The TSK is making history in al-Bab. The heroes are giving hell to Daesh and its bosses.

Yet, we have martyrs as well. And it is right at this point that the “fifth column operations” are activated.

We gave 16 martyrs during the takeover of al-Bab's strategic hill. Our hearts are aching. May God bless the souls of our martyrs.

But on the night of the same day, “a time-adjusted montage video” was released through social media.

The way the Daesh terrorist organization shared its footage, supposedly of our soldiers, and its area of discussion is more interesting than the contents of the footage.

We took Akil Mountain and the video was released.

A campaign saying, “What are we doing in Syria,” “Syrians are making babies in Turkey, we are giving our children as martyrs there,” was started simultaneously with the release of the montage video titled, “Daesh burned two Turkish soldiers.”

It is obvious that Daesh's video is a montage.

One more thing is obvious: Those in the video are not our two soldiers who were taken during the Euphrates Shield.

We need to know that the “What are we doing in Syria” campaign, which followed the release of the video, is a “fifth column operation” aimed at breaking the TSK's will to fight.

The aim of the campaign was to sow the seeds of weakness, fear and separation, to provoke xenophobia through Syrians and cause an incident.

Sometimes the devil deludes through good

Then we need to remember the asymmetric warfare once again.

We are walking to the heart of al-Bab, those involved in the fifth column operations – in other words, the Trojan horses among us – are taking action and trying to “break our will,” “spread fear” and create perception.

The latest video incident, which left/liberal circles and figures close to the Republican People's Party (CHP) shared and interpreted with “passion,” also shows that all elements of the asymmetric warfare are active.

I will make a few notes for the readers instead of saying anything further on this and end the article.

  1. Asymmetric warfare: War between belligerents whose relative military power differs significantly, or whose strategy or tactics differ significantly.
    (Those who could not stand up against us while we were building the Euphrates Shield, those who martyred our police by exploding bomb-loaded vehicles in Beşiktaş and those spreading fear and hesitance through social media are all elements of the asymmetric warfare.)
  2. Fifth column activities: Acts of propaganda, espionage, sabotage or terrorism to make a mass or state that cannot be taken over through physical intervention suitable for intervention. (Wikipedia)
    (Spreading fear among us using the montage video while we were taking Akil Mountain, making our rightful intervention debatable, is a fifth column activity in the perfect sense.)
  3. When Madrid was besieged from all corners during the Spanish Civil War, the “fifth column” had caused a revolt in Madrid and the city had fallen.
Lastly, we need to mention the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) as one of those who best implemented the fifth column activity. Two things are being done as a result of the operations carried out by FETÖ's influencer agents. First is the effort to demoralize Turkey and our security forces. Secondly, Turkey's image is being tarnished.

Asymmetric warfare is also a “dirty war.” Fifth column activity is the “Devil deluding through good.”

If you know what I mean?


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