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Greater trap than FETÖ cases

I wrote about a trap here several times before. Those who set the trap were the poker-faced elements of the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ), disguised as people making confessions. And the trap was a move to weaken, divert and shift FETÖ cases to a different point that was spread between the testimonies given under the name of confession.

The confession game of poker-faced FETÖ members was spoiled, but...

This was what some, like former Chairman of the First Chamber of the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) İbrahim Okur and Vice Chairman Ahmet Hamsici, did.

I warned several times through my articles published in this columns, saying “Don't prepare indictments through the testimonies of these poker-faced people, and do highlight other evidence and statements."

For instance, Okur implied among his confessions that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the prime minister at that time, knew about the arrest of Nedim Şener and Ahmet Şık during the Ergenekon investigations. Fortunately, Ahmet Kekeç, who personally witnessed the incident, elucidated it in the Star newspaper, saying that Erdoğan was being defamed.

Although I drew attention to the operation that poker-faced elements conducted under the name of confession, we do not know what the judiciary is doing about the issue, apart from Erdoğan's repeated statements that, “They are saying something under the cover of confessor. They are lying."

The new trap is much greater

I reminded the operation that poker-faced elements carried on under the cover of making confessions. I would also like to point to another danger.

Today we are facing a much greater danger.

Remember that I wrote two articles about the necessity of working on FETÖ's political leg. Also, I think dangerous infrastructure work is being carried out under the name of a political operation against the political leg of FETÖ traitors.

The major danger that will foil FETÖ cases and disrupt the struggle is that they will make us forget the time when FETÖ was declared a terror organization and vacate some relations before the Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 operations conducted in 2013 to these cases.

I notice that some who start the sentence with “FETÖ's political leg" constantly stress the times when FETÖ was not named a terror organization, did not make moves to target the survival of the state and overthrow the legitimate government and operated like a community or nongovernmental organization.

What does it mean to look back at the pre-Dec. 17/25 period?

Recently, I met with two major legal experts – one is a law professor and the other a member of the higher judiciary.

I would like to convey the striking statement the law professor made. “There is no clear statement about the history of crime in the indictments prepared for FETÖ. This is a big deficiency. Some malicious people may come out and make everyone defendants in these cases in the future."

The member of the higher judiciary said, “It is absolutely necessary to have a new case-law on the time of the crime. Otherwise, it will render FETÖ cases inconclusive… Turn them into a long-winded story… It is a matter of time to go through a process. Some are striving to tend toward previous relations, rather than focusing on the organization's moves of foiling the survival of the state and toppling the elected government. This means going toward another point, rather than duly judging and punishing the organization.

If you pay attention, recently, Republican People's Party (CHP) speakers and Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu refer to the period before Dec. 17/25 and accuse the government of cooperating with FETÖ for many years.

This is a trap that is being carefully set. The government, judiciary and security forces must hurry to spoil this trap which will weaken FETÖ cases and turn them into an unresolved mess.

Otherwise, it may be too late.

Really, what may FETÖ's political leg be doing these days?

Akif Emre joined the ones we say “they are gone."

We sent him to the great beyond with a huge crowd that filled the courtyard of Fatih Mosque. Mustafa Şen said, “He is the worthiest of standing right beside our Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him]."

This is true.

He joined the caravan of those going ahead. He had a faithful stance, just like Bahattin Yıldız who had died before him.

I am fortunate to have made the acquaintance of both. They both made great contributions to our generation. Both were the measures of our stance.

They have become neighbors of our prophet (peace be upon him) now. We are following their lead.

"They are gone

On their foreheads carrying a sign from the earth

I am now on this side

Like a stretched moment

Between birth and death."

(Erdem Beyazıt)


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