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If political foot turned into speaking tongue

We were having trouble figuring out what the price of his sentence would be when he said, "We will be independent, whether you want it or not." Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had not yet become president and was the prime minister.

And we had difficulty guessing what kind of a struggle was needed when an "independent Turkey" was mentioned. 
The Gezi Park protests, the Feb. 7 process, the Dec. 17-25 process, and the MİT trucks issue had already broken out.
In the days when we had a direction problem, he ignited the signal fire, by making definitions, “assassins” and "superior mind.”


It has not been long since we saw that the greatest obstacle to the independence of Turkey is our human resource that we grew with our own hands and educated with state facilities and to that we handed over state echelons. 
We learned the answer of the question of “Would those prostrating sajdah be harmful?” and learned by experience that the greatest harm stemmed from hypocrisy. 
We tried to differentiate between "subordinates" and "superiors" when they became bold in a spoiled manner. We saw that it was vain.


They have been engrossing Turkey for years. They lock the agenda and determine it. Every time they hide behind somebody and shoot across the shoulders of them. They never directly come out and tell what they want. Because they have made hypocrisy a way of life. They even attempted to stage a coup and they could not even admit it decently.

They have a single purpose: to present the future of Turkey to the "superior mind.”
They cooperate with all enemies of Turkey and attempt to be volunteer bouncers to darken the future of the country. 
They bought the idea that “Erdoğan’s international circulation period has ended.” 
Since that day, the "subordinates", which we thought to have worshiped, held "curse sessions" day in and day out. They counted beads so that he would die. Those we thought to be trade experts there flowed money to the enemies of Turkey. The upper treacherous network has almost gotten in the same bed with all the dark powers of the earth.

"They became volunteer subcontractors to the tender" to buy the post-Erdoğan period. 

In fact, the power behind Turkey's problem in Syria was also FETÖ, and it was difficult to understand that. Even the answer to the question “Who was Semih Terzi and what region he was responsible for” says something to us.


When we look at the context of July 15, rather than what happened, we see that FETÖ was spilled in to us as a cat’s paw used by those who wanted to stop Turkey’s historical march.

And this organization is still operating as an operational force.

The organization which shed the blood of this nation on July 15 is still a powerful obstacle to the healthy operation of the state apparatus.

Because it is still intertwined with the opponents of Turkey and still prompts some so-called non-governmental organizations, politicians and intellectuals. It is still operational in the judiciary, strong in the army and present in the police. 


Only few days to the anniversary of the July 15 coup and internal occupation and the great popular resistance to that attempt. 

Just like the Dec. 17-25 process, the Gezi Park protests and the Feb. 7 MIT crisis; July 15 was a FETÖ operation.
It was the last and the bloodiest move of seizing Turkey, the legitimate government and Turkish government. 

With only few days left to the anniversary of July 15, FETÖ has set a new trap and operates a schedule to frustrate that historic day and draw attention to another direction.

I've written in this column before, "If the political foot turned into a walking foot.” 

Because, the publications and statements by FETÖ about the stopping of MİT trucks and the materials that were carried in those trucks are clear. That day, FETÖ-linked traitors who stopped MİT trucks did not aim to prevent those trucks from going to Syria, but to produce arguments that would present Erdoğan and the Turkish Republic to the International Court of Justice. 

Since that day, it has been whispering these arguments in the ear of a political party leader: Republican People’s Party (CHP) Leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. 


He kept on and on voicing all of FETÖ’s illegal fabricated tapes and arguments. But, he could not. 
He voiced FETÖ’s statement of “controlled coup” about July 15. But, he could not. 

Now, he is using the imprisonment of CHP MP Enis Berberoğlu, who conveyed MİT trucks footage to Can Dündar and is on his way to Istanbul as part of the so-called justice march. 

We are all aware of the players who paved the way for Kılıçdaroğlu becoming the party chairman, the true owners of empty files that Kılıçdaoğlu holds under the name of “corruption files” and the main players of the “joint candidate” formula that Kılıçdaroğlu developed to prevent Erdoğan’s presidency. They are also the main players behind the “justice march.” 

In fact, the power behind the efforts to bring together many “public enemies” apart from the CHP is the same. This power is the FETÖ which wants to hit the July 15 spirit and to actualize its dream of insurgency that it could not complete in the Gezi Park protests. 

July 15 is the biggest lesson that this nation taught to imperialists and their paws. The CHP’s patriots must know that, if it becomes necessary to settle accounts with those who could not take the necessary lesson, this nation will do the necessary. 


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