Neither our sociology nor our economy can handle a new migration wave from Syria

During times of crisis, it is our duty to defend ourselves. Upon the deepening of a crisis, the first thing we need to do is to ramp up our resistance and protect ourselves.

The war in Syria begun as a public uprising, and then it was transformed into a fight against the imported Daesh, and then to an arena where international powers put on a show of strength.

The Syrian affiliate of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the PYD, which the United States introduced as "our land forces," gained autonomy in the east of the Euphrates.

Countless children, women, youngsters, primarily civilians, have been killed since 2011.

No one but Turkey was worried about the collapse of ancient cities and the loss of lives.

Turkey found itself in a position in which it was struggling to recover from the mistake it made in the beginning.

None of us could ever imagine that this war would come to this point. We could not even imagine that so much blood would be spilt and so many Syrians would flow into our country, even changing our sociology.

Once upon a time, our red line was 100,000 Syrians

Once upon a time, our red line was to accept only "100,000 Syrians into our borders."

Forget hundreds of thousands, it was even more!

Today, no one really knows how many million Syrians are in Turkey.

There have been times when 200,000 people crossed our border in one day.

We called it "the open door policy."

The entrance door was opened wide, whereas the exit door was closed with a "readmission agreement."

In the end, we came to the point where we were hoping for “the bloodshed in Syria to stop, for our Syrian guests to return home, and for the negation of the PKK/YPG terror,” whereas in the beginning, we wanted “Assad to go.”

And I think these are the final moments.

The final battle in Idlib will declare the victorious and defeated parties of the Syrian war.

The most critical part concerning us is that the final battle will take place in Idlib, a de-escalation zone which Turkey has been a guarantor of!

If the stateless refuse to lay down their arms!

Before the final battle, Russia and regime forces are conducting test strikes on Idlib. They are testing the waters; they are trying to test Turkey, the United States, and the opposition, namely all parties.

Today a table is set up in Tehran. There is a tough negotiation taking place. Turkey lays emphasis on the assertion that the de-escalation zone in Idlib can be sustained through the liquidation of armed radical groups. Russia and regime forces have already declared almost all forces as "terrorists". All concerns of Iran revolve around a sectarian axis!

Whatever they did in Aleppo, Hama, Deraa, they are preparing to do the same here.

They dare to do so at the expense of levelling Idlib to the ground and killing thousands of civilians.

There is a tough negotiation going on at the table...!

The cards are constantly being reshuffled! Everyone is laying down their cards!

There are civilians in Idlib. Even if the precise number is unknown, it is around 3 million.

There are also armed groups in Idlib.

Some of them do not have anything to do with Syria and the region. They have come there or been brought from all over the world.

These groups are stateless! Due to the fact that they are stateless, they are getting ready for “a battle to the death.”

Some armed groups in Idlib are the Syrian opposition. They are known to be on good terms with Turkey. Their disarmament is highly probable through the efforts of Turkey.

Personally, I think there is only one way for this crisis to be overcome: the disarmament of armed opposition forces by ensuring their safety of life and property.

You may ask, "What about the stateless?"

They will suffer the same fate awaiting them on the border of Pakistan/Afghanistan.

The international power behind them has already discarded them. Some will be withdrawn and repositioned in new crisis areas of the world. Some of them have already been transferred to the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

At the beginning of the column I wrote, "During times of crisis, it is our duty to defend ourselves."

What do Syrian refugees in Turkey think about Idlib?

Our essence is our land and our integrity.

The current point in the Syrian crisis calls for the protection of our country and integrity of our nation.

I participated in the presidential visit to Tehran last year. The undersecretary for the Turkish National Intelligence (MIT), Hakan Fidan, with whom I had a brief talk at Tehran Airport, said: "Our only goal is to keep all evil forces on the other side of our border."

Turkey has done its best to avoid any civilian casualties to this day.

At this stage, we have neither a sociology nor an economy, which can tolerate a wave of immigration with unknown elements among them.

I really wonder what our Syrian refugees think about the final battle in Idlib.


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