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Nuclear war madness and Turkey’s priority

Summer is going hotter than it should. Both for our region and the Far East. Those that are happening in South America (Venezuela) are worth following.

As for what closely concerns Turkey…

Of course what will happen in the Middle East until the end of autumn concern us more closely.

The northern Iraqi Kurdish region is counting the days for the referendum. At this stage, we will see how the “Independence referendum” will effect the area. Of course, we are also going to follow how the recently very very good relations between Turkey and northern Iraq will be effected after that referendum.

I am with those who say that the fate of northern Iraqi Kurds cannot be considered independent of Turkey’s fate.


Meanwhile, we are heading toward the final of a showdown. The U.S. and North Korea eventually intend on settling their scores. Perhaps without even waiting for the end of autumn.

The U.S.’s Trump administration is aware that balances along the Asia-Pacific line are developing in favor of China. It is making quite a bit of effort to re-turn balances in favor of the U.S. again. However, neither the U.S. is the U.S. of the 20th century, neither is China.

China was planned by the West as a massive factory. Thanks to its cheap labor, China would produce and the West would consume. Now, that period is over. China is producing and consuming as well. And of course, it is also presenting a claim both politically and economically.

As a result of the conflict, North Korea and the U.S. are face-to-face with a “nuclear” power show. We will see whether the world will get to the verge of a disaster.


It is difficult to estimate how the results of a possible close combat between North Korea and the U.S. will impact the world. However, there is benefit in seeking the answer to how this tension in the Far East will reflect on us and the Middle East.

Like I said, summer is going very hot. Autumn is a critical season in terms of certain outcomes.

The illegitimate formation in northern Syria, which stands as a huge question in front of Turkey, is our primary threat.

While on the one hand the U.S. is in a relentless power struggle with China and Russia in the Asia-Pacific, on the other hand, it is carrying out its “boutique states” project step-by-step in the Middle East. They are getting the boutique states established by terrorist organizations.

They give heavy arms to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorist organization’s Syrian offshoots Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its armed wing, the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and get them to establish states. They are paving the way for organizations like al-Qaida and Daesh, which are headed to the Sinai Peninsula. What they are doing in Yemen and Libya is no different.

In other words, the U.S. is applying its long-term plan to establish brand new mini statelets in our region.

Can we say, why should we care about this? No

Can we say, why should we care about this? No. This is where we need to pay attention.

They divided Iraq, there is no longer a state such as Syria. Libya is in three pieces, Libya's fate is unknown. The prediction for Saudi Arabia is also division. This is where they include Turkey in the project. Remember what the Bush administration's cabinet member Condoleezza Rice had said: "The borders of 22 countries will change in the Middle East. Turkey is included in this." Remember also, the Fetullahist Terror Organization's (FETÖ) head terrorist in Pennsylvania had said in a voice recording, "They want land, I said we can discuss this."


A report was published recently in the U.S. It briefly says, "Turkey is going to experience internal conflict between 2017 and 2027. And the U.S. is not going to remain indifferent to this conflict."

Leave that aside for now.

The refion is constantly being fortified through the U.S. bases in the terror corridor formed in Syria's north. The Syria problem will be tied to a conclusion in the near future. From this moment onward, the weapons i. the autonomous region formed in Syria will point to Turkey.

As preparations are being made for this, there is a reason why efforts are made to activate certain ethnic and sectarian fault lines. (Even by looking at the images used fo the "Tunceli is on fire" outcry we can see what it is.)

While te missiles to be launched, aircraft to take off, cannons to be fired from northern Syria tomorrow hit Turkey, certain elements inside Turkey may also take action on the inside.


Crises may be turned into opportunities. And today, the constantly escalating tension in the Asia-Pacific may be in Turkey's interest.

Since the U.S. has turned its attention to that region, new moves may be made aimed at the terror corridor formed with a fait accompli.

The authority vacuum in Idlib, northern Syria's west wing, is giving the opportunity for this. There will either be Turkey or the regime in Idlib. We would like Turkey to be in Idlib in order to avoid being affected by the threats of the terrorist groups threatening our couthrrn border. Like I wrote in an article in early June, "Don't be surprised if you soon see the Turkish flag waving in Idlib."

The point we have reached is:

"As the attention of the U.S., which is readying to get into close combat with North Korea any time as a result of a ruthless "nuclear" showdown, is turned toward Far Asia, taking initiative in our region is an opportunity for Turkey's survival.

Turkey, which has plans to conduct a couple more operations in Syria similar to the Euphrates Shield, must start executing these plans carefully but immediately.

The North Korea-U.S. crisis is in Turkey's interest.


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