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Stoyki mujik*

A “man” passed through the U.N.

Our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made an outburst at least as effective as the “One minute” outburst in Davos at the U.N. General Assembly this time.

I am not going to recall the speech. However, allow me to say this much.

Our president, as a politician who makes the same speech in Turkey's east and west, who states the rights he knows at every opportunity and on every platform, this time said it all looking world sovereigns straight in the eye.

“[The Gülenist Terror Organization] FETÖ is a threat for you too,” he said. “If I am currently standing before you, it is thanks to my people who have demonstrated a glorious resistance against the coup,” he said and added, “If we have opened our doors to Syrians, it is out of our humanity,” reiterating, “The world is bigger than five.” The president also said, “The U.N. Security Council's structure must be changed.”

He spoke at the U.N. not as the leader of Turkey alone but also the voice of oppressed regions.

It all went on record.

It might not be possible to get a result immediately today, but looking back at these days years later, it is going to be understood that the speech made by President Erdoğan at the U.N. General Assembly was a historic one.

What had we said?

“Stoyki mujik.”*

In other words, “The man who stands tall!”

The book entitled 'FETÖ's gallery of sins' by Diyanet coming soon

I had written in this column on Aug. 14 that clergymen should immediately lay the great damage FETÖ leader Fetullah Gülen caused to Islam on the table and release the book titled “FETÖ'nün günah galerisi” (FETÖ's gallery of sins).

I also stated at every opportunity numerous criticisms that this structure has problems regarding the principles of faith. The columns written by the closed down Zaman daily's columnist Ali Ünal on the issue of Gülen's “innocence and inviolability” are blatent.

I had also claimed that Gülen is a man who appears to be an ahlussunnah clergyman, but has actually adopted all “principles of faith” of the Shiites, and I was attacked for days.

They became so anxious that Ünal tried to write a full-page article and give answers – only making matters worse and revealing more.

FETÖ and its leader Gülen are living in accordance with the principles of another faith outside Islam. They have faith in something else; this is obvious.

The truth is that as a result of an operation based on long years of efforts, FETÖ tried “to rob the people of their faith,” and was partially successful, too.

The Presidency of Religious Affairs (DİB), commonly known as Diyanet, had gathered the Emergency Religion Council immediately after the July 15 coup attempt to review the practices and Islamic law rulings of FETÖ and its leader Gülen that have corrupted and changed the religion.

In its final 17-article declaration, the council touched on FETÖ's deviations.

This time, the DİB set off on a quest to answer what everything said and written by Gülen and those close to him “under the guise of men of religion” means in terms of Islam, and prepared a report.

Who knows if the report to be released soon will be titled “FETÖ's gallery of sins” or “FETÖ as a deviation,” but section one indicates that there is no religious principle that the group has gone against every principle. In the section titled, “FETÖ's exploitation of religion,” it is stated that “the provisions and values of the religion of Islam have been exploited and changed.”

We are looking forward for the report to be completed as soon as possible and be turned into a book in the near future.

If the FETÖ investigation does not reach AK Party

We are following the operations launched after the July 15 coup attempt to purge FETÖ. As Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım stated, we expect sensitivity in relation to making a decision “not with mercy, but justice.”

We know certain mistakes have been made. In fact, there are serious suspicions that part of these mistakes were “intentional” due to the cryptos. Yet in general, significant progress has been made in the fight against FETÖ.

But it is not enough.

Dismissing or laying off ordinary officers in low ranking positions from the state is not enough to solve this matter.

What's more is that an operation aimed at FETÖ's political leg is inevitable. Determining and clearing those nestled within the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) is the government's obligation. We know that Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 are considered as a milestone. Operations are being conducted in relation to those who had ties to this lowly terrorist group in the period after that date. We know one other thing. Some figures within the AK Party have become very intimate with this group after that date.

A FETÖ investigation that doesn't reach the AK Party is doomed to fail.

AK Party staff should know this best.

Wouldn't you agree?


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