Strengthening the resistance line from one end to the other - HASAN ÖZTÜRK

Strengthening the resistance line from one end to the other

The fools among us… This is exactly what the composition is.

Remember how Fethullah Gülen tried to belittle the people who filled the streets and squares against the coup perpetrators on “nation watch” as “fools…” It is not like we do not see who the real fools are.

We saw Gülen's brainwashed fools…

But we need to see one more thing.

We also need to look at who is supplying and supporting the long, ongoing perception operation conducted by the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) embedded in not only the state,but also in almost all institutions and organizations.

The organization worked to gather many segments under the main title, “enmity toward President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.”

It fortified an opposition front through this enmity, regardless of their thoughts.

Frankly, they were partially successful at it, too. They were successful with the left Kemalist circles and in the Western public opinion.

They constantly kept the “anti-Erdoğan” sentiment alive in nationalist circles through people like Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) deputy Meral Akşener.

Also, they “infiltrated” Justice and Development Party (AK Party) circles through – as Yeni Şafak columnist Salih Tuna puts it – “unstable AKP members.”

The fools who helped FETÖ's interests

All others aside, there is benefit in particularly noting those who worked with all their might until the night of July 15 to give rise to “anti-Erdoğan sentiment” in circles close to the AK Party.

These circles, appearing to be “righteous” and sometimes an “insider,” wrote columns stating that Erdoğan has started to become authoritarian and the presidential system he wants is wrong.

As a matter of fact, at the AK Party's latest emergency convention,they kept on running down the positive rhetoric and behaviors aimed at President Erdoğan.

They used their pens to undermine their messages of “unity” and protection.

It was the same circles that wrote the columns filled with “standard” warnings and tone adjustments.

It was these “unstable AKP members” who supported all kinds of perception operations until July 15 to belittle Erdoğan in the eyes of the people.

Mocking the definition of “superior mind” with cynical tones…

Presenting the definition of a “Turkish style presidential system” as the formula of “authoritarianism…”

Making “worthlessness” references to politics…

All these were stated by those on the left and right of the AK Party and sometimes by those in it.

When we reached the morning after the night of July 15, we saw that the people took control of the situation.

Our President Erdoğan's leadership made the coup attempt fail.

The people started a watch all together.

It was also revealed that the organization in which these circles are involved somehow affected the West and international circles.

In fact, with the influence of the circles that supported FETÖ's perception operation, the support Turkey received from Western circles was weak.

FETÖ's Pennsylvania-based leader, Gülen, did not hesitate to include this in part of his threat-filled words either.

FETÖ is directly involved in the efforts to “undermine” Turkey's noble resistance against the coup perpetrators and the attitude of circles who prefer the lie to what actually happened.

I am going over what they wrote after July 15 and see how much love they have for Erdoğan… Just like the FETÖ militants who put “Erdoğan” and the “Turkish flag” on their Twitter profiles in fear of being revealed!

But today, it is not only AK Party followers, but the people as a whole who are fighting against FETÖ and the “superior mind” behind it.

Would FETÖ's THY pilot have made a suicide dive?

In the context of the FETÖ investigation, 15 Turkish Airlines (THY) pilots and 211 personnel were fired.

The first thing that came to my mind as soon as I heard this news is that on Sept. 11, 2001, the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York were hit with a passenger aircraft.

FETÖ militants clad in soldier uniforms attacked on July 15 with helicopters, planes, tanks and machine guns.

God forbid, had the coup process been continuing, believe me, the FETÖ pilots fired from THY would have made “suicide dives.” Using commercial aircraft, they would have made suicide attacks on the Presidential Beştepe Compound, Parliament or Istanbul's most crowded square.

We know that Gülen is more dangerous than al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.


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