The black spot on the target board - HASAN ÖZTÜRK

The black spot on the target board

Perhaps the most painful aspect of the asymmetric warfare is to be under friendly fire without being able to say it.

In the asymmetric war, the rhetoric of propaganda vehicles is based on not being able to tell the truth.

When the fifth column is in place, you focus your attention on the inside rather than the outside.

As the field of activity expands, the threat inside becomes even bigger.

So, what is our ability to fight against all of this?

Is the call for the recruitment of Syrian men in armed services innocent?

Here, I want to quote a news piece that has nothing to do with this article.

A small 1.5 column news article in a daily newspaper dated Dec. 26:

Headline: "Turkey's campaign to recruit Syrian men aged between 18 and 45 in armed services"


A campaign titled “Let us recruit Syrian men aged between 18 to 45 in Turkey in armed forces and let them fight for Syria" has been started on

(…) The news stressed that Syrian men must return to their country, adding:

“Syrian men (...) tried to save their lives by escaping, and left their homeland unprotected. This is treason. Syrian men eligible to join military service must be sent to their homeland and ensured to participate in the struggle for their homeland after receiving basic military training instead of living dishonorably as beggar refugees in other countries.

(...) This military training can be carried out easily under the leadership of our chief of General Staff. (...) "

Think about the purpose of such a campaign these days when our hearts are severely aching as a result of the killing of Turkish soldiers during Operation Euphrates Shield.

So, let us leave the issue here.

How many of our soldiers died in the Korean war and why?

Is it not worth remembering the price we paid to be a NATO member?

We winked at the U.S. by sending soldiers to the Korean war in 1950. For the sake of NATO membership, 721 of the soldiers we sent to Korea during the Republican People's Party (CHP) rule died, 2,147 were injured, 175 went missing and 234 were captured.

We paid a heavy price and, eventually, two years later, Turkey became a NATO member under the Democratic Party (DP) rule. Many NATO bases were established in our territory.

The country that was subjugated with the 'communism threat' excuse

Perhaps the first objective was protection from the Soviet threat. The U.S. taking control of all NATO bases after the Sept. 12, 1980 coup was never discussed.

Because, with a constant perception of threat, we were pushed toward NATO and the U.S. through implicit operations.

The reason for our NATO membership was to get under the West's umbrella against the threat of communism.

Over time, we saw that fifth column activities were carried out in Turkey for many years through NATO's special warfare elements and Turkey was almost subjugated through fear.

We can also say, “The one imposing the threat and the one who removed it are one and the same."

Turkey, Gladio's operation field

The answer to the question "What is Gladio?" is, of course, "NATO's special warriors."

So the second question is, "What kind of activities does Gladio carry out in Turkey today?" Do we overstep the mark by asking this question?

I want to recall a topic that has nothing to do with the issue.

It was revealed that the bombs used to kill 45 people, including 38 policemen, in Beşiktaş and 14 soldiers in Kayseri were fabricated. Moreover, it had been recorded that bomb set-ups were among the ammunition that the U.S. provided to the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and People's Protection Units (YPG) and that they entered Turkey through Kobani.

Let us leave this here.

The ancestors of those who are saying “What are we doing in Syria? What am I doing in al-Bab?" today had advocated joining the Korean war, where 721 Turkish soldiers died, for the sake of getting under the protective umbrella of those who are leaving Turkey alone these days. At that time, we had no problem with survival, border breach and terrorist organizations which are trying to infiltrate our borders today.

Fifth column activities, which were conducted through the fear of the Soviet invasion and communism-led to coups every decade, frequent instability and eventually the emergence of the perception of ungovernable country in Turkey.

They managed these operations through terror and fear operations and economic and political maneuvers.

Today, Turkey is the black spot on the target board of our so-called allies.

With all instruments and means, they make calculations of hitting Turkey which they point at as a target.

Those who incite xenophobia through a very innocent campaign like the recruitment of Syrian men…

Those who try to create cracks in our social fabric through the question of "What are we doing in al-Bab?"…

Those who try to bring the atrocity of terror organizations like Daesh and the Hashd al-Shaabi to Turkey with a sect-oriented debate…

Those who attempt to see the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) terrorist organization through the Kurdish identity...

Moreover, those who feed the PYD/YPG terrorists with weapons and ammunition...

They placed Turkey in the black spot of the target board.

Now, do we understand the call for mobilization?


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