The reincarnated FETÖ is back in different forms - HASAN ÖZTÜRK

The reincarnated FETÖ is back in different forms

On April 21, I had written in this column that Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said that they had made new discoveries in relation to the fight against the Fetullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ). He said: "Recently a very important finding has been made. The results of this determination will give us important opportunities in our fight against FETÖ. The course of things will change. I can only say that the details will be clear in the upcoming days."

Yesterday, we found out what the very important finding the prime minister was talking about was. The Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MİT) and the National Police revealed yesterday a crypto leader of FETÖ. A chip that was found on him had a list of the crypto members of the organization. Thus, the National Police has made a move to catch these crypto members. Hundreds have been taken into custody. Most importantly, 9,103 police officers have been dismissed from their duties. This includes a police officer working in the Presidential Security Unit.

Hopefully, FETÖ's secret unit, which had restructured itself after the July 15 coup attempt, has been brought down for now. How about the FETÖ members who have been relocating themselves in governmental institutions after the coup? We will probably get an answer to this question as well soon. Since the very start of the fight against FETÖ, we have been hearing: "This organization we are up against isn't any ordinary organization. It knows how to hide and change form."

This statement indicates that the FETÖ we thought was dead is actually back in another form. FETÖ is going through reincarnation! (The notion reincarnation has only been used to express a state.)

Who leaked the big operation?

We would have to remind of a leak too.

Sezgin Tanrıkulu, the Istanbul Deputy of the main opposition party Republican People's Party's (CHP), had submitted a parliamentary question to the prime minister asking his question. That parliamentary question suggested that seven people were abducted.

With the coordination of the MİT and National Police, FETÖ's new secret police imam was caught and, as a result, this last operation emerged. What needs to be focused on is that Tanrıkulu's parliamentary question suggests that this "abduction" is related to this operation. Which means that the very secret operation details were leaked to Tanrıkulu. Which means that there is still a serious “leak.” The source of this leak should be found.

I would like to congratulate those who conducted this last operation.

Inside our borders, and outside them too, we will enter their dens!

The security services is entering their dens within our borders and beyond our borders too. Turkey is continuing its “existence” struggle. It is dealing with terror organizations (nearly) all by itself. The US, Europe and the EU are against Turkey fighting FETÖ. Take a look at the last EU committee decision; America and Russia are both against Turkey fighting against the Kurdistan Workers' Party and its Syrian arm, the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

Despite all this, Turkey is fighting against all these terrorist organizations without overlooking its "survival."

And we can all see the snow has melted and spring is here. And we all know that the PKK always steps out of its den come spring and takes action, unless they had made an agreement.

The exact opposite is happening this time. The PKK couldn't even go through with its winter operations because our security forces conducted non-stop operations on the terrorist group. Now, the valleys that were said to be non-entry zones and so-called safe areas are all under the surveillance of our soldiers and police. The PKK terrorist organization has no room to breathe in our borders! Well, what is happening beyond our borders?

The night before the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) conducted an air operation in Sinjar, northern Iraq, and in Syria's Karachok district. The target was the PKK and its Syrian offshoot, the PYD.

Interestingly, the operations were restricted. Instead, they focused on making political and military determination comments. Turkey conducted this operation despite the US and Russia and declared that it would continue. Because according to the new concept, Turkey is dealing with the threats while they are in their dens.

The Euphrates Shield was a corridor in the center, this time, with the air operations conducted, Turkey has announced to the world that it will not allow anyone to intervene.


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