US is doing what it did in al-Bab with Daesh in Afrin with PYD/YPG-PKK

If we were to follow the dissident voices rising from the U.S., we would confuse our direction.

Or, if we were to give credit to what one American says, we would face the “fury” of another.

This is exactly how it is now.

When Turkey is the matter in question, U.S. language is dominated by cacophony. This being the case, everyone says something different.

What is their aim you ask?

A little patience, you will find out soon.

At the time I was writing the article, the Turkish delegation and the Americans were expected to gather in Washington for the operations of one of the three committees that was decided upon during U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s Ankara visit. It was supposedly a meeting in which “coordination” would be sought on Syria. We will be following its results.

However, we already have some predictions in relation to the results that are likely to emerge from that meeting. The most important of these is the argument that started with 1,700 Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)-affiliated Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its armed wing People’s Protection Units (YPG) terrorists being sent from the east of the Euphrates to Afrin.

U.S. soldiers say, “We need to concentrate on Daesh terrorism,” and add, “Turkey’s Afrin operation poses an obstacle to Daesh terrorism, which is what we really need to fight against.”

Is moving the PYD/YPG-PKK to Afrin on the ground the only thing in question? No. Of course not The U.S., which makes conflicting statements against Turkey, is, who knows why, in agreement that the Daesh terrorist organization will come back from the dead.

Daesh is being released on the ground again

Daesh supports this consensus on the ground too.

Two separate bomb attacks happened in the Euphrates Shield area (Jarablus and al Bab). The usual suspect is, of course, Daesh.

Something else happened. It was reported that four villages in the Deir ez-Zor area were invaded by Daesh militants as the PYD/YPG-PKK militants are targeting Afrin.


Let’s open a wide parenthesis here. On a TV program with my friend Dr. Vehbi Baysan on Ülke TV, for months, he said, “Daesh is being vaporized. Something that becomes vaporized will definitely come back as rainfall once the appropriate climate forms. Daesh is vaporizing and it is certainly going to appear again, somewhere.”

The vaporized Daesh is poking its head out again in Syria. As a matter of fact, in the east of the Euphrates. That is of course, if we take the bait.

Remember, back in the U.S. presidential election period, Donald Trump had said – in reference to Daesh – “Obama is its founder and Clinton is its co-founder.” Remember also that all the areas that would be invaded by the U.S. in Iraq and Syria were first infested by Daesh. And to fortify the invasion, it was made to seem like they were fighting Daesh and hence, our cities were destroyed.

The same happened in Kobani, in Raqqa, in Mosul, in the east of the Euphrates and the west of the Euphrates.

When Turkey showed reaction against the PYD/YPG-PKK terrorists crossing over to the west of the Euphrates on rafts, then-Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş, who is currently under arrest, had said with the audacity that came from having U.S. support, addressing then-Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu: “The YPG is going to cross over to the west of the Euphrates and you are going to watch it happen.”

Because back then, the excuse of the PYD/YPG-PKK that crossed over to the west of the Euphrates was “to fight Daesh.” And some groups in Turkey were busy imposing to us the idea that the PYD/YPG-PKK is fighting against Daesh.

Ever since the start of Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch in Afrin, the U.S. military is constantly saying, “Let us concentrate on Daesh terrorism. End the operation at once.”

In Operation Euphrates Shield, Turkey had directly fought against the Daesh terrorist organization. As a matter of fact, the fight in al-Bab was quite testing. When al-Bab was sieged, the U.S. and PYD/YPG-PKK postponed their Raqqa operation. Part of the Daesh terrorists in Raqqa were helped to cross over to al-Bab. As a matter of fact, there were even claims that Daesh terrrorists were transported to al-Bab on helicopters.


Because they wanted Turkey to be stopped in al-Bab.

It is now time to answer why everyone in the U.S. is saying something different.

The U.S. knows that after Operation Olive Branch in Afrin, Manbij and then the east of the Euphrates will be next.

Therefore, they want to occupy Turkey both on the ground and at the table.

Everyone is saying something different. Thus, they think they are gaining time at the table (in diplomacy).

They do not feel the need to ask the PYD/YPG-PKK terrorists, who have set off from the east of the Euphrates toward Afrin to fight against Turkey, “Where are you going? The real fight is against Daesh.”The do not even feel the need to take the weapons from the terrorists who are going to fight Turkey. They thus want Turkey to be stalled and lose time on the ground in Afrin.

By releasing Daesh terrorists on the ground again, as a matter of fact, by activating them inside Turkey, they are doing one more thing. They are creating the perception in the international domain that, “Turkey entered Afrin and interrupted the fight against Daesh; Daesh has come back from the dead.”

Please remember, when Operation Olive Branch started, the U.S. had said, “The west of the Euphrates is not on our agenda.” What’s more important, Pentagon had said that in the case PYD/YPG-PKK terrorists go to Afrin to help, they would lose U.S. support. (Jan. 23, 2018)

So, what happened today?

The U.S. is doing what it did with Daesh in al-Bab in Afrin with the PYD/YPG-PKK. It is keeping Turkey busy. It is using Daesh as an excuse to settle into Syria. As for Turkey, it is taking matters into its own hands. This is what is happening.


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