US prefers FETÖ to Turkey

Are you aware? As the darkness behind the internal occupation and coup attempt of July 15, 2016 is brought to light, the U.S.’s attitude toward Turkey becomes repugnant.  

“Some American agents who were involved in the coup are currently under arrest or detained!” This sentence spread soon after the July 15 coup attempt. We now clearly see that this issue, which was considered an urban legend at that time, is true. See the arrest of a pastor in Izmir and the arrest of a U.S. Consulate officer (agent) last week!

Who knows who else there is that we do not yet know of?

Of course, FETÖ gang leader’s presence in Pennsylvania alone did not suffice to associate the coup with the U.S. Also, many FETÖ members escaping to the U.S. was not enough to explain it. Those who know how the concept of the “superior mind” emerged will remember that the issue was glossed over.

Of course, the U.S. is our ally. But at least one wing of the U.S. administration is making “impositions” on the Turkey subject, making efforts to subdue and even divide Turkey.

The price of independence will be heavy. We need to remember the price we paid during the period that started in Tripoli, continued with the Balkan Wars, and resulted in the Dardanelles War, World War I and the War of Independence when we declared the Republic in 1923.

This nation was made to pay a heavy price, as the mentality suggesting “not to struggle but to surrender” was placed by the “colonial-minded” intellectual stratum.

The last heavy price was our next generation. They stole our posterity through FETÖ. This generation consisted of the staff that would rule Turkey in the future, major bureaucrats and scientists. The superior mind stole our generation by means of FETÖ.

We have to eliminate all of them and suffocate them (not physically) in order to maintain our perpetuity.

What sadness!

For the first time, I heard from one of the most important ministers. He said, "Organizing in 160 countries in the world.  Training so many intelligence agents. Contriving so many organizations. This is not something that a snot-nosed primary school graduate can do."

There is absolutely an international power behind FETÖ and we know it now. This power is the U.S. whose game has been spoiled as Turkey has entered Idlib. Again, this power is the one that wants to hit Turkey with a “visa stick” using the arrest of the agent, who is both a FETÖ member and a U.S. consulate officer, as an excuse.

Turkey is being threatened by the U.S., its ally. The dimension of this threat has extended to Turkey’s unity. The U.S. has chosen FETÖ, a terror organization, over the Republic of Turkey as a partner.

All of the moves Turkey has made to deal with the threat are legitimate. It is not right to define these moves only with Russianism and Eurasianism.

US game in Idlib being spoiled

Let's continue discussing what Turkey intends to do with the Idlib operation. An Idlib move was certain. However, Turkey has had a clear thought since 2016 on who would intervene and who would benefit or lose after the intervention.

The U.S.’s intervention in Idlib from air on the excuse of al-Qaeda offshoot terror groups and its use of PKK/PYD elements which it considered to be land forces went against Turkey’s interests.

Because there were PKK/PYD elements in Afrin, the westernmost part of the corridor that threatened the south of Turkey, and they were strengthened by the Americans with weapons and ammunition. It was inevitable that nearly 2 million people would pile on our border if those elements entered Idlib and the U.S. airstrike. It was hard to predict how many terrorists could be among those innocent people. Even if we do not allow any terrorist elements to cross our border, it is not hard to guess what kind of a burden they will be on Turkey.

President Erdoğan summarized the situation the day before: “Syria is coming to us when we do not go to it!"

What is happening in Syria is flowing toward us. If we do not intervene, the instability in Syria will ultimately worry us. That is why in the last part of the last article, I quoted National Intelligence Organization (MİT) Undersecretary Hakan Fidan’s statement that “All our efforts are to keep the devils beyond our border.”

Afrin is the last ring in the west of the terror corridor that the U.S. wants to establish in the north of Syria.

If the U.S., rather than Turkey, had made a move in Idlib, the terror corridor would have been completed.

Turkey’s direct and indirect meeting with Russia and Iran on a common ground about Syria has made it possible to achieve very strategic missions such as "guarantorship."

Through the move in Idlib, Turkey, which has become the guarantor for the fortification of de-escalation zones in Syria, is endeavoring to both prevent the Syrian tragedy and eliminate the terror corridor that threatens its perpetuity.