We are not against the Syrian Kurds but the PYD terror - HASAN ÖZTÜRK

We are not against the Syrian Kurds but the PYD terror

Very deliberately the perception of "Turkey has been targeting the Syrian Kurds" has been produced. They are not only producing this perception, but also selling it. Over this they have been trying to press and alienate Turkey. The "no" voices are righteously increasing, opposing this black propaganda from the top authorities of the government.

Yesterday we were with the Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş. We came together with the agenda of "The Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ), fight against terror and the Jarabulus operation."

Especially he criticized the propaganda to reflect the Jarabulus operation as if it was "against the Syrian Kurds" and Mr. Numan said "The Kurds in Syria are not our target. We are against the formation of the PYD corridor. Because the formation of that corridor will deteriorate the land integrity of Syria." Namely, as Turkey has been chasing Daesh in Jarabulus and making a move against the PYD threat in the west of Euphrates, its reason is "land integrity of Syria and Turkey's security..."

There is no problem till here. The real problem is about "how our allies look at this issue". A weird call came from the American Ministry of Defense to Turkey which has been fighting against Daesh, PYD and the other terror organizations.

While we were having a meeting with Mr. Numan, the Pentagon Spokesman said “We want to make it clear that we find the clashes between the Turkish Armed Forces and the PYD unacceptable in the south of Jarabulus where ISIL no longer is located". Pentagon spokesman added saying that, "This is an already crowded battle space. Accordingly, we are calling on all armed actors to stand down immediately and take appropriate measures to de-conflict.”

It seems that America already painted the Turkish Armed Forces and PYD with the same brush!

In the nick of time, I asked Numan Kurtulmuş. “What do you think about this statement?"

His answer was "Since the beginning we have been against the PYD corridor in Syria. The PYD corridor means the deterioration of land integrity of Syria. We informed all the parties while we were starting the operation in Jarabulus.

When it was asked whether "Damascus was informed as well" Numan Kurtulmuş said, "We informed Russia and indirectly Damascus was informed as well." This detail is per se a subject of an article but let's pass saying that. It means since the day the Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said, " The result can be reached in Syria within 6 months, there have been significant changes in the view of the government on the Syrian issue.

As we understand by supporting its official reason, Turkey has been standing in front of the corridor Daesh has been trying to form. It is removing Daesh from threatening its borders as well. Also it has been practicing the negotiation between our President Erdoğan and Putin on Syria's land integrity.


Turkey has been continuing its fight against terror from all quarters. On one hand with the cryptos of FETÖ inside the state, on the other hand, it has been strongly struggling with the PKK terror organization both in the rural areas, Northern Iraq and cities. On the other hand, inside Syria just next to our borders it has been fighting against Daesh and in the west of the Euphrates River the PYD terror organization...

Turkey has to win this fight.

A big negotiation has been reached for its gain. The nation is the negotiation itself.

Firstly, with its bare hand the nation stopped the coup attempt FETÖ staged on the night of July 15.

Secondly, on August 7 in Yenikapı, Istanbul, 5 million people and in other cities millions of people who came together in the squares said, “We won't let you get Turkey!"

This view is what has been causing many prominent people, from the politicians to the bureaucrats moreover each group till our allies to line up again on the "Turkey" issue.

One more last sentence: After the eid-al- adha, let's not be surprised if we begin to reap the fruits of this big negotiation in the parliament.

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