'We love Erdoğan' - HASAN ÖZTÜRK

'We love Erdoğan'

It was about 10 am on December 23, 2013. A friend said, “Come on we are going.” When I said, “ I can't come I'm busy, there is a new tape, new allegation every minute. The Ministerial Cabinet just changed yesterday,” he said, “ We are going to Sakarya to attend Prime Minister [Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan's meeting. Don't you understand, we have to be there.”

We hopped into the car and headed for Sakarya.

The meeting area was jam-packed. And the “prime minister of the period,” Erdoğan started to address the people of Sakarya. He said, “Sakarya is very excited today. Sakarya is showing that it is adopting the new Turkey claim today. May Allah be pleased with you all. May Allah protect our unity and peace, may He ensure that our unity continues forever. I entrust myself to you, to the people.”

Erdoğan explained that he received messages and prayers from all over Turkey. He also added that he received prayers and messages from the entire Muslim world including Burma, Bosnia, Palestine, Peshawar.

He then deciphered the coup attempt saying: “There are heinous and extremely dangerous intentions, filled with spies and intelligence... Filled with betrayal. They did the re-structuring of Turkey. They prepared a trap. They set up a dirty game. Claiming that there was corruption, they targeted the national will, the people, the great Turkey, the new Turkey. They used my country's, people, capital, police, judges and media while doing this.”

It was almost dark when the meeting ended and the people of Sakarya were applauding and cheering Erdoğan. I saw with my eyes, heard with my ears, the people of the city were chanting, “We the people, will not allow anyone to touch you.”

That day I remember saying to my friend, “This song won't end here.”

That's all water over the dam now. Many disputes have been left behind since that date. However, neither the parallel structure issue, nor the traps set, nor the resistance that was developed by the people starting from President Erdoğan is off our agenda as yet.

Those who wanted to wipe out President Erdoğan and bring the people to their knees with the December 17 and December 25 coup attempts in 2013, are trying to do the same now with terrorism. Furthermore, their local partners must have lost their hope as they are appealing for outside help.

Right at a time like this...

President Erdoğan is in the capital city of the US

In spite of those who started their black propaganda once he boarded his flight, the people, just like they did in Sakarya on December 27, once again showed that they were there right behind him as they stirred up social media with the hashtag “We love Erdogan.”

While we were preparing to go to bed in Turkey, the president was welcomed with “We love Erdoğan” banners in front of his hotel in Washington.

I am not going to even mention the intolerant bigots on social media.

The important thing here is that although Erdoğan went to the US at a time when the two countries were not on good terms, and although certain groups tried to disgrace to trip, the people backed Erdoğan, who was an advocate for their future, their destiny.

The reality is that, this society proves through the “We love Erdogan” hashtag, the photos, the prayers on social media that they see themselves in Erdoğan.

Despite the efforts to disgrace the president like “He will not be able to set foot on the street, he will hop on a plane and flee Turkey,” the people backed the president after he said, “I entrust myself to you, the people,” in Sakarya. Once again the people proved that they were there, right behind him, while he was in Washington.

To say it with Erdoğan's words again: “This valuable nation has always understood things clearly with their discernment and foresight.”

Timing of the General Staff's 'coup' explanation

He recently wrote, “I am from the nation of humanity, my country is the world.” A version of the same idea was previously said, “We don't belong to a state. If we did have this feeling it would be toward our state.”

When this mentality says, “I am from the nation of humanity” they know what the term “the Abraham nation” means. However, this body of knowledge has lost its genuine identity. The virus within it has already changed its DNA.

This structure, which has gotten out of hand like a virus developed in a laboratory but increased in numbers, has now laid its hopes on a coup that will occur with “outside provocation and encouragement.” The unwanted voices coming from the US have been denied by the General Staff.

In the explanation, the Turkish General Staff made the promise “loyalty to democracy” referring to the “chain of command.” “ No illegal chain of command will be given concession,” the General Staff said.

I was one of the people to say that the Parallel Structure's members would create a junta. I stand behind my claim today.

However, I care about the Turkish General Staff's recent statement. Especially after President Erdoğan visited the War Academy and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu had a “Fighting the Parallel Structure” meeting at Çankaya Palace, just before this statement was made.

Isn't the timing of this statement striking?


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