What is the HDP/PKK line after? - HASAN ÖZTÜRK

What is the HDP/PKK line after?

It seems that the softened tone of Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) co-chairs Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ was not approved by certain dark forces that they emboldened again.

He is talking about the necessity of stopping the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and about hitting the streets. He is stressing making life unbearable for the AK Party.

If you recall, he used this language on October 6-8, 2014 and more than 50 people lost their lives because of the banditry he called upon. Yasin Börü was atrociously killed because of the language Demirtaş used...

It seems the precondition of getting the support of his friends in the EU and the “dark rooms” beyond the sea is must once again be to establish dirty alliances in Turkey that Demirtaş is again sharpening his tongue and discourse.

Just recently one of these foreign terror barons had put eight different terror organizations under the PKK's roof.

They had declared that they would '”terrorize” Turkey together.

Demirtaş utters the words of his terror barons in Qandil. Remember what PKK leader Cemil Bayık had said to the BBC: “They should ask Turkey and the PKK to immediately stop the war and sign a cease-fire, and start negotiations.” Which means that both sides should equally sit across from each other.

What is Demirtaş saying?

“The AK Party should be politically obliged to call peace with the PKK, or it will be toppled. Meaning there may be an early election, or anything else and the country will get rid of the AK Party, and thus this will lead to reconciliation.”

This is the point the PKK/HDP line has come to: Its foreign sponsors want them to suppress Turkey and they want to be recognized as a point of address... They want to oppress the AK Party with their local allies, and if that does not work for them, they want to topple the party.

This is all happening before the public.

Demirtaş is clearly proposing to take to the streets to topple the legitimate government... Bayık however, is calling on his mentors to persuade Turkey to recognize the PKK as a “point of contact” and to negotiate.

I have been seeing signs that certain dark forces have accepted this offer. If these signs are brought to a fait accompli and imposition is attempted, then the consequences will be dear.

The consequences will be worse if those who are anxious to prove themselves try to do this.

Where are we now with parliamentary immunity?

Man is hurt most by the wounds inflicted by friends

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan says, “I disagree with the idea that there was nothing wrong in the Middle East,” on the comment about reversing the Ergenekon case decision. I totally agree with Erdoğan's thoughts.

Especially when I read this sentence...

Especially when I hear the gossip whispered in Ankara and especially the AK Party...

Especially the things underlined by journalists suffering from the “ex-lover syndrome...” Or those journalists who can no longer take it...

Especially those statements made by journalists famous for their malign behavior...

And those exaggerated by the trolls who later face the consequences of their previous actions…

The idea that the “compatibility has been destroyed” evokes thoughts in me.

I want to say that “I agree that there is no conflict within AK Party.” Even though I accept Yeni Şafak columnist Aydın Ünal's comments as a principle.

It is a pity...

As I am one of those who hope they will act with a sense of responsibility to ensure “harmony.”

I am one who believes that there are members that will successfully gift politics with the loyalty notion.

I believe that the EU acquis is appropriate for this.

However, I have been hearing a lot of “this is what he said; this is what will happen...”

More importantly, we have been believing those who say, “he is a traitor, she is loyal!”

This must be what the real sedition is.

I should say “Man is hurt most by the wounds inflicted by his friends.”

You think about the rest...

The AK Party does not have a leadership problem.

The AK Party does not have a vision issue.

The AK Party has a strong consultation mechanism.

The AK Party has a rooted history.

A note to those who want to “Close one period and start a new one.”


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