Who wanted to mix up the innocent with the guilty in the Khashoggi case? - HASAN ÖZTÜRK

Who wanted to mix up the innocent with the guilty in the Khashoggi case?

There are questions I cannot seem to get out of my head. My answers to some of those questions are ready. But I am truly having difficulty finding answers to others. Because some are spending serious time and effort to confuse the innocent with the guilty in the Jamal Khashoggi murder.

A Saudi Arabian journalist, an intellectual intelligence officer was massacred at the Saudi Arabia Consulate General in Istanbul. This is a horrific murder. It is a tragedy. It is a scandal. Period!

But Khashoggi’s murder at Saudi Arabia’s Istanbul consulate general also served as a litmus paper.

Did you notice those who want to define Turkey-Saudi Arabia relations through this case? Did you notice how those who want the state to give the same reactions as them, who think that certain Arabs gain power through money and political influence, tried to have a role in this case?

Who would benefit from soured ties between Turkey and Saudi Arabia, from diplomatic relations coming to a complete end? Or the issue being discussed as a matter between the two countries alone?

What would have happened if Turkey had not acted with deliberateness and perceived the matter as Turkey’s issue alone?

But acting “deliberately,” which we can refer to as the “state mind,” was sensed so much in this case that eventually the pressure of those neither on the inside of the country nor abroad worked.

Those who thought they could control Turkey for their own gains and objectives exploited this dire incident. They wanted to turn the matter into Turkey’s issue alone, but in vain.

In the early days, efforts were made to make Turkey pay for it and create the perception that it is an “unsafe country.” Yet today, the matter has been carried to an international level. This is the success of the state in public diplomacy and human relations.

Since the first day of the incident, they have hysterically been wanting to pit the two states against each other. We will see what their aim is in the near future. Thankfully they could not succeed.

Will Trump give up on his guy, the crown prince?

Keeping in mind that Saudi Arabia does not have much room to apply free will, there is benefit in reviewing this incident. The effect of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s impulsive behavior on this case is unquestionable. However, he still has U.S. President Donald Trump and his gang standing behind him as a great protective power.

How can we ignore this?

Trump does not seem to have much of an intention to lose Salman, whom Saudi Arabia directly appointed as crown prince, through this incident. He is going to use this incident for his own gains and extort billions of dollars from Saudi Arabia.

While Crown Prince Salman goes to bed, he may be left sleepless over the concern of, "Will I be dismissed in the morning?" The U.S. administration's current position is to stand behind the crown prince for "more extortion."

What was Khashoggi's status in turkey?

We need to remember that Khashoggi was directed to Istanbul very consciously. They even had him buy a house in Istanbul, and imposed the idea for him to "get married and have a family."

We are yet to find out the connection between those who instigated the murder and those who directed him to Istanbul. But it is obvious that those wanting to turn the matter into Turkey's issue and those who instigated the murder serve the same interest.

We also have no idea what kind of animosity there is between Khashoggi's friends in Turkey and Saudi Arabia. I do not know if Khashoggi's opposition to Salman or the anti-democratic structure of Saudi Arabia alone can explain this animosity. We will find out in time whether this animosity is related to just Khashoggi's killing or something entirely different.

One of the matters that has me confused is whether Khashoggi is a U.S. citizen. Why is nobody concerned about this? I read reports about him being an American citizen. Some of my sources also say he is a "citizen," while some talk about him just being a resident.

So, what was Khashoggi's status in Turkey? Other than his fiancé being a Turkish citizen, with what status was Khashoggi staying in Turkey. Have you even wondered?

One last question: What kind of contributions were those wanting to bring Turkey directly against the Saudi state, severe all relations as a matter of fact, and those who advised that all diplomats need to be deported, making to our region, to the Muslim world with such advice?

We will continue to follow up on the matter


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