Yesterday they threatened us with NATO and the CIA, today they are mocking us - HASAN ÖZTÜRK

Yesterday they threatened us with NATO and the CIA, today they are mocking us

Shame is in human beings' nature ... That is if one still has pride...

Feeling ashamed is in the human being's nature... That is if he has not lost all sense of shame...

They did everything before our eyes. They became the spin-doctor writers for all that has happened.

Put us aside, they did everything possible to discriminate President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

They threatened secretly and openly too.

And now they are pretending to repent.

Who would believe them now?

Are they honest? No! No one has faith in you anymore!

Who am I talking about? There is more than we can shake a stick at!

But I would like to give you two typical examples: Ali Bulaç and Ahmet Turan Alkan. (ATA)

He threatened Erdoğan through the Jewish legend. The following lines are from ATA's article written around the days the Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 coup attempt was repelled:

'Mene, tekel, ufarsın!'

"... in the end, everyone will step on to the scales. The King of Babylonia, Balthazar, sees a bodiless hand write 'Mene, tekel, ufarsin' on the wall during a feast, so he sends for Daniel to ask him what this means. Prophet Daniel interprets it as: 'Mene: Your days have come to an end, Tekel: You were weighed, but you fall short... I can't mention the third word: May God protect us!" (Jan. 1 2014, Zaman)

There is 'death' at the end of the legend

What did ATA say on Jan. 1, 2014? "Your end will be like Balthazar's."

And he does this using the Jewish legend from the Torah...

This is how the legend is explained in the Torah:

“King Nebuchadnezzar (the king who destroys King Solomon's palace) dies and his son Balthazar becomes the new king. The new king organizes a feast. The Holy Grail, bowls and dishes are brought from King Solomon's palace and are used during the feast. A finger appears while people are drinking their wine. This finger starts to move and write something on the wall. The King says 'I will reward whoever reads this writing.'

Prophet Daniel, who interprets Nebuchadnezzar's dreams, is called. Daniel (peace be upon him) says: 'Now you disobeyed God. You took the holy dishes from the holy palace; you drank wine with them. And you did not offer anything to your God. Therefore, this is what was written on the wall: Mene, tekel, ufarsin.' Mene, your kingdom has come to an end with God's will. Tekel; you were weighed but you fell short. Ufarsin; your kingdom was divided and half was given to the Meds and the other half was given to the Persians.'

What was the third word? " Ufarsin."

Dividing the country and giving half to the Persians and the other half to the Meds.

At the end of this legend, King Balthazar was killed that night.

Interestingly, after the Bolshevik Revolution, the tsar is killed and this is what they write on the walls of the palace. "King Balthazar was killed by his own slaves."

Coming back to today, the president's military aide was one of those who wanted to kill him in Marmaris.

Do you know what ATA said following the July 15 coup attempt after he had threatened him in 2014 through a Jewish legend?

"I will stop writing." Putting down your pen is not enough ATA; you have to be held accountable for the threats you made.

It was Ali Bulaç who invited NATO to Turkey. Bulaç wrote an article on Sept. 14, 2015, calling for NATO to intervene in Turkey.

“If the PKK applied to NATO, NATO might intervene in the southeast!"

Bulaç was heard of today by an adviser of Aliya in Sarajevo in 1999!

He said, "Our friend, who knows Turkey well, said that NATO would occupy Turkey in the near future!"

Astounded, I asked him "For what reason?" He said: "The Kurdish issue will get deeper. If the clashes spread and the issue turns into a political and societal one, then NATO will enter the region and intervene." I asked him if this was what he really felt, he said, "No, Mr. Beghovic, I personally heard this from the U.S. generals discussing the issue." (Ali Bulaç, Zaman, Sept. 14, 2015)

Just a little note: Just before this article, Lale Kemal abruptly wrote about the Gülen Movement and its links with the CIA and MOSSAD and touched upon the role of the “outside" in the attempt to ouster Erdoğan.

Cursing is contagious

Bulaç wrote an email to me during this period, as I had criticized his column. His email sounded like Fetullah Gülen's curses.

"I read your article today. You are accusing me of calling NATO. (...) I am cursing you. If I did call NATO to occupy, and if I did this on purpose, then may God, the angels and everything else curse me. If you are falsely accusing me, then may God, the angels and everything else curse you."

They backed the coup attempt with their pens

The U.S. and NATO attempted a coup in Turkey through Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) members on July 15. And as a result of this, the state has started a pitiless battle on FETÖ. (Our newspaper Yeni Şafak gives the most detailed reviews on the issue's foreign links.)

Besides cleaning out state institutions, journalists and authors are being interrogated and arrested.

Those who support this attempt with their pens will also give account for their actions.

This includes Bulaç, who is trying to change sides by saying, "I will never forgive Gülen," and ATA, who said, "I will stop writing."


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