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V4, Europe and Turkey

I wish everybody a pleasant Eid al-Fitr. As I wish, on these holy days, to reach many more future eids in peace, brotherhood and solidarity, we will be rapidly returning to the hustle and bustle as of tomorrow. One of the topics to be followed in the... more

Paradigm shift in the EU

It has been a whole year since the people of the U.K. decided that it was time for Brexit and to secede from the EU. At last, the Brexit talks officially started yesterday. Certainly, it will be quite hard to cut the ties that have been woven for yea... more

Economic Freedom

The Washington-based Heritage Foundation has been publishing the global Index of Economic Freedom annually since 1995 and putting the countries in order in this respect. If you ask what economic freedom is, the concept is grounded on the freedom of i... more

The new world with Trump III

The APEC Summit I mentioned in my last article took place in Peru. Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has been in the spotlight after President-elect Donald Trump's victory, gave messages of hope in terms of Russia's relations with the U.S. Putin,... more

The new world with Trump - III

My series of articles is progressing. After discussing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in the new world with Donald Trump in the previous article, I switched to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), another issue which the new presiden... more

The new world with Trump

We are continuing with the second part of my article titled, “The new world with Trump,” today from where we left off. Our focus is, again, the economy. And our starting point is Donald Trump's anti-globalization statements and promises he made durin... more

A Russia-intense week

While the World Energy Congress marked effects that will spread much beyond next week, we also dealt with a Russia-intense agenda. Following the meeting between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, a protocol was... more

Nobel Peace Prize and Colombia

This year's winner of the Nobel Peace Prize was announced last Friday. The Nobel Committee saw Colombia State President Juan Manuel Santos worthy of this prestige for his efforts to bring peace to his country. As soon as the news spread, it led to a ... more

The Deutsche Bank panic

The Deutsche Bank concerns that have been prevalent for some time now have recently been struck by an air of panic. While the bank's shares are depreciating with a rapid decrease, the CDSs reached the peak after February. To be honest, German giant D... more

Moody's' diary

July 18, 2016: “The coup attempt was unsuccessful; however, I am still monitoring the country in terms of a rating cut. If I see any slowdown in growth in the medium term, any weakening in its corporate power and reform agenda and deterioration in bu... more

Are they keeping the words they gave at the G20?

Chinese President Xi Jinping gave the leaders of the G20 summit a very important message: “We should avoid futile talk.” When I heard this warning that I couldn't help but acknowledge it as totally right. I remembered something I had discussed while ... more

Struggle on the foreign front

Using an image of our glorious flag surrounded with barbed wire and writing the heading "once upon a time in democracy," Der Spiegel is furiously continuing its anti-Turkey propagation. Der Spiegel is not the only one slamming Turkey after the coup ... more

Against economic coups

The damned junta attempt against our Turkey is going to be cursed tonight, marking its first birth and death week anniversary. No matter how much we curse or punish, it is not enough! In addition to this, we need to be moderate and fix the future -or... more


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