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Russia stuck in a spiral

It is public knowledge that former Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin was encouraged to resign in 2011 because of his incompatibility with then-President Dmitry Medvedev. In fact, prior to his resignation, addressing the president, Kudrin made a ... more

The best and worst of the economy in 2015

As we enter a new year, it is time to review the previous year. As we bid farewell to 2015, since my evaluation within the frame of the categories is appreciated by you, my precious readers, I thought to use the same format this year. Here is the “be... more

The key in the Mediterranean

In my related articles I mentioned that Russia has been activating its desires for the warm sea through Syria. In this context, energy has been a critical factor. However, on one hand through natural gas in Syria's offshore, on the other hand probabl... more

The FED made its decision...what now?

The Federal Reserve System (Fed) tension experienced worldwide for a while ended on December 16. The US Central Bank acted in accordance with the Fed and increased the “federal funds rate” range to a 0.25-0.50 percent range. Let us take a look at the... more

And China is in the basket…

I concluded my last column on the topic saying, "in slow but determined steps." I am talking about my August 15 column titled, "Çin'den Yuan Salvosu” (China's Yuan Salvo).Back then I stated that the exchange rate move that stirred the world was actua... more

Holiday in the US and FED

Nowadays, the US is again in a holiday rush. As Thanksgiving Day, which was celebrated last Thursday, and the Black Friday craze that followed led to a surge in people's emotions, economists focused on the performance of consumers.In fact before it, ... more

Bringing capitalism into line

The G20 excitement we left behind was also an environment in which capitalism discussions took place. Although media and social media have tabloidized the saying “capitalism should be abolished” and the one who said it, we shouldn't forget that this ... more

The Paris shock that shook Antalya and beyond

The news of the Paris attacks rocked the world, especially the G20 Summit in Antalya. In fact, last week the Summit had subgroups focused on the economy, yet from Saturday morning onwards priority was given to the terrorism issue. Still under the eff... more

Refugee crisis and Soros' visit

Last Saturday, George Soros had a focus-group meeting in Istanbul with some economic writers.The topic of the meeting was the refugee crisis. As Soros was sharing his thoughts with us on the steps Europe should take in this direction, he remarked tha... more

Turkey, as the map of the future is drawn

I would like to start my article by contributing to the call for the “There is no other Turkey” social solidarity campaign initiated by Yeni Şafak. I wont be making a new statement. It would be sufficient enough if I summed the main idea of what I've... more

A new round in the Pasific ring

There is a video that says “Watch the journey of a cherry made in the U.S.” The page that appears as soon as you open the website prepared by the Obama administration for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), features this. The aim is to show what a W... more

Das Auto (Spiel)

Volkswagen's slogan “Das Auto” was one that I esteemed as much as I did the performance of its vehicles. It is a phrase that is circulated in international media with that tough German emphasis and has achieved monumental meaning from two little word... more

Putin, on the track of Peter the Great

At the end of the 17th century, Peter the Great, only 22-years-old and feeling trapped on land, explains his dream to establish a fleet and setting out to sea as he says, “Having only an army on land is like having one arm, to have two arms you need ... more


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