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If the US oil flows into the world

Crude oil exportation was banned by law in the USA just 40 years ago. Aside from a few exceptions like the resources in Alaska and California and oil derived from Canada… On the other hand, as you know, the strengthening of the global demand and in t... more

A curse of the resources?

To be the poor people of the rich land… In the natural resource-rich lands of the earth, for centuries numerous tyrannies have been experienced from exploitation to wars. In many of these territories, from Africa to the Middle East, from Latin Americ... more

Is trade sinking?

The U.S.'s “brand name” exporting; is the dollar rather than the Big Mac, Coca Cola and Levis 501.This reality, that economist Barry Eichengreen addressed as the dollarization fact in the year 2000, is enough to send a ripple the whole world today in... more

Results of the early elections

“The US Dollar broke a historical record over the TL”.As soon as the coalition tables are scatter and the mists ahead of the elections are removed, we were exposed once again to the above sentence that we hardly missed. The sentence was followed by c... more

Economy in the middle of terror

While the country is shaking with terror incidents from the east to west, and news of martyrs becomes more frequent, making other news seem insignificant, I need to confess that it's not quite easy to talk about the economy. On top of that, we should... more

Don’t bother with atoms, you can take the petroleum

While our article on Tuesday said the “Iran agreement is almost done”, in the morning hours the historic news started spreading from Vienna. The agreement, which will limit Iran's nuclear activities, promised removing many sanctions in exchange. Howe... more

Six world powers in Vienna

While the world focuses on the Greece debt problem, another substantial global issue is taking place: the nuclear negotiations with Iran. The meetings held between the P5 + 1, consisting of the U.S., England, China, Russia, France and Germany, with I... more

To ( not) open arms to the victims of the world

Last week, our Minister to the EU, Mr. Bozkır sent a letter to the European Commission and remarked that leaving Turkey alone on the matter of Syrian immigrants is neither sustainable nor fair. This letter, which states that the silence of the intern... more

Farewell to the US Dollar, Welcome Yuan

On Friday, the gigantic Silk Road project was the guest in our column. We may remember, as I did in the said article, before that I had also mentioned the approach between China-Russia in my articles on Asia-Pacific and Eurasia. . The trade between t... more

The Economic Repetition of History: Silk Road

Venetian traveler Marco Polo's 13th century Silk Road adventure ranging from Italy to China was among the legendary stories. Today it is questioned suspiciously, how Marco at that time passed the Silk Road from the beginning to the end arriving in C... more

It's time for Turkey to find the right formula

Turkey made its choice. Both democracy and instability came out of the ballot box. The scenarios I've shared with you before the elections and the political-economic results related with those will be a reality now. There are various predictions; how... more


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