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It's time for Turkey to find the right formula

Turkey made its choice.

Both democracy and instability came out of the ballot box.

The scenarios I've shared with you before the elections and the political-economic results related with those will be a reality now. There are various predictions; however, including the political actors, no one knows what will happen.

The economy requires stability

Yesterday morning, we woke up to a Turkey, which cannot be called new, and the reaction of the markets as we've expected a night before. In this environment, where the global risks drag on, while we have been putting an effort into keeping the balances steady, while waiting for the signatures of dozens of foreign investors; does instability suddenly creep in?

Within this context, if I subject the things I've written in the last couple of months to a term scanning, I guess the word “stability” would be no.1 by far. Following that, there will be its sibling “trust” that competes with it. In every occasion, we will witness and experience the reason why I've repeated those words.

Even so, if I am to summarize it shortly, this was the worry I've attempted to propound; this critical election wasn't a matter of X or Y party, rather, it was the above-parties national matter. In this complicated global conjuncture, it was the subject matter of Turkey's progress with unity and power. Political stability was the cornerstone of economic stability. In the sense of both macroeconomic balances and reforms….

Because, parties are only a tool for the actualization of national objective. As for our nation that directs those tools; unfortunately they've made the decision to cut the uninterrupted stability that continued for 12.5 years. There are both worries and lessons we can take from this result we respect.

Everyone has to think

Yes, AK Party once again has taken the support of the vast majority in these elections. CHP, which came in second after AK Party, by bringing out a doubled number of parliamentarians, has proved that they are a mass party. With a voting rate over 40% and the dominance throughout the country, it's the twist of the system for AK Party to fail becoming a single rulership; however, there is no point in entering that matter.

On the other hand, it's clear that AK Party lost a certain support. This is one of the matters that should be dwelled upon. Of course, here, various factors came into play, and within them, there is the state of being worn out as a result of a long rulership experience.

On top of that, we can see that the designative factor in the vote loss is the Resolution Process. The numbers show that; AK Party came out of this action, which they dared for the future of Turkey, with great sacrifice due to the votes that shifted to MHP and HDP. This is another twist AK Party experienced in these elections. Of course, at this point let's also underline that there are strategic mistakes and AK Party experienced a vote loss from Kurdish voters.

At this point, it's possible to explain HDP's rise, with the rise of our democracy and with the “entrusted votes” stated by S. Süreyya Önder. Even though the situation we've arrived at due to these incompatible factors is thought-provoking, HDP's responsibility to act faithful and reasonable had completely increased on a strange platform. Because through those entrusted votes, Turkey had been entrusted to an uncertainty everyone forgot for a long time now.

Being rational

As for the pros and cons; I will not be entering that topic today. In my article before the elections, I've approached that matter in detail. For now, I'm addressing this matter there; however, the revealed outcome is that; it will be hard to form a coalition and if we are to go for early election then it's unbeknown as to what extent stability will be acquired.

However, as I've said, this is not a matter of parties, but a matter of the state. Then, everyone should recognize that and try to help the country reach the formula with the lowest instability. As Prime Minister Davutoğlu stated, the steps necessary for the tranquility of the nation should be taken.

In this sense, there is a historical responsibility on the shoulders of all the parties and if necessary, to the nation, in order to establish the possible strongest government. Even if it's not like the old days, we need to establish a less evil stability level urgently and advance on the road. Thus, I'm hoping that we will enter a “rational” process “full of national feelings” together.

On the other hand, no matter what anyone say, the names that carried Turkey to this point will be the pillars of stability for the next periods. However, in order for the pillars to stand strong, there are two great messages everyone needs to recognize; actually these are hidden and clear in the books of every era.

The first one of those is; being one of the ones whose jobs are consultation. The essence of consultation brings forth merit, the second message.

I know that; what's being pursued since the beginning is not the challenge of any individual and institution, but on the contrary, just the struggle for the Turkey case.

More than that; it's the struggle to thrust out a hand to the powerless of the world with the power acquired.

What's being worried about is; no matter how you look at it, is a humanity struggle.

It's holy. It should be protected. It should be purified from the dust on it.

On this occasion, good luck for our new period, Turkey.


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