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Our future that depends on the border; threats and opportunities

A Czech saying puts it well;

“A good neighbor increases the value of the property.”

Of course, the contrary is also valid. A problematic neighbor will cause uneasiness even if the property is valuable.

Turkey is also playing a part in a complicated scene; on one hand, our value in our region is increasing and being well understood. On the other hand, there is a desire to effuse the fight in the next garden and drag it to our own lands over the hedges.

We are ending the week in a bitter way with all the terror incidents splattered on our lands. I'm begging for God's mercy for our martyrs that tear our hearts. I'm sending my condolences to the relatives of the martyrs.

While we were waiting for a stable government in order to look forward, they are pulling our legs and trying to present a chaotic Turkey image. For a while now, we have been witnessing how others are attempting to pull Turkey into the conflict in the region. However, today, Turkey's chance to become an actor, who is gradually becoming strong, in the region, is increasing. Especially after the nuclear negotiations…

While the rivalry, which will come to the boil, is fixed in a corner of our minds, our opportunity to increase our power by cooperating with Iran shouldn't be disregarded. Within this context, we've been talking about Iran for days now. We need to continue talking about it. Because while there are attempts to pull us towards chaos, opportunities are waiting at our borders.

As Iran is rearing up

Last week, I've written about Iran's petroleum victory. As you know, natural gas is also the other leg of Iran's energy. This is exactly the point where the important cooperation between Turkey and Iran comes into play.

The reconciliation between the West and Iran is of great importance in the sense of Europe being freed of its energy dependency on Russia. There is no doubt that an EU, which reached resource variety, will make things easier for the US against Russia. For the US, who is not happy about the Eurasia cooperation that grew stronger after the intimacy between China and Russia, turning Iran's head a little bit towards the West can be regarded as a good move.

On the other hand, as a matter of fact, from now on Iran will be at a loss in “where” to face. Thus, putting the EU aside, there are great opportunities waiting for natural gas in Asia as well. After all, Iran is the world's 2nd with their trillions of cubic meters of natural gas reserves. As of now, while producing enough natural gas for itself, Iran is able to make limited exports due to the sanctions. It's clear that Iran's true potential will be revealed in the new period… We are not expecting it to happen tomorrow. Especially since the establishment of the pipelines will take time, we will witness as everything falls into place. Of course, related plans are already being conducted.

Asia's eyes are set on Iran

Asian countries, whose energy requirements are gradually increasing, are on top of the list of planners. Our neighbor Pakistan is intending to hit two birds with one stone through the Iran-Pakistan (IP) pipeline that couldn't be actualized for years. They are aiming to satisfy their hunger for energy and take advantage of the pipeline as a passageway. Because, the pipeline can be extended to India also. The long dreamed Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) pipeline is on people's minds already.

Of course, for India, who has its eyes on the developments in Iran, IPI is not the only opportunity. The natural gas line (IOI), which will be streamed from Iran to Oman and from there to India, is also seducing. Moreover, Turkmenistan can also be articulated to join the beginning of this. As a matter of fact, there is also TAPI which couldn't get back on its rails in any way. Why not TIOI instead of TAPI, which is supposed to deliver the Turkmen natural gas to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India?

Without a doubt, the India–Pakistan relations will play a big role in the related decision. Whether IPI materializes or not, let's also remember Pakistan's plan to extend to China. We know that China is supporting IP financially and morally. We can regard this move of China as a part of the OBOR plan. Thus, Iran-Pakistan-China (IPC) can be regarded as one of the alternative lines.

Putting this and similar complicated details we see on the map, when we look at the region, it's clear that in the medium term, Iranian natural gas will become a suitable tool in Asia's shaping.

Key role in energy

If we are to finally return to the part that concerns Turkey; Turkey can play a key role in transferring the Iranian natural gas to Europe. The existing Tebriz-Ankara pipeline is an alternative route in this sense. As for the other option; the line that will come out from Iran's G. Pars Field and carry energy to Europe via Turkey. Besides, Iran's integration to TANAP, is also between the plans for a while now.

All these alternatives will become clear in the forthcoming years and shape the energy map of the region. It will also shape Turkey's plans to become an energy corridor… By the way, let me underline that the Iran-Iraq-Syria line can be mixed into the picture. On the other hand, all the developments will be closely concerning Russia; however, without entering into further details, I have to write my final sentences.

What I'm trying to say is; while establishing the future of the peaceful world, Turkey, who is at the corner of opportunities, is being hurt and diverted.

Then, it's time to unite as a nation and show our power as a state.

What will designate the borders of our future; opportunities or threats?

We need to take action urgently.

Note: As I've finished my article and was about to send it to the office, I was shocked with the flash news about martyrs. At this moment, when TSK (Turkish Armed Forces) is also making an operation, my “condolences” to everyone.


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