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Turkey, as the map of the future is drawn

I would like to start my article by contributing to the call for the “There is no other Turkey” social solidarity campaign initiated by Yeni Şafak. I wont be making a new statement. It would be sufficient enough if I summed the main idea of what I've been writing about in the past few months.

1-While new maps are drawn just beside us, we don't have a chance but to go from piece to whole and cling together with national conscience.

2-The power we will protect as we cling together, is necessary for our struggle/ responsibility to offer a helping hand to the weak of the world.

As I say, “The best example for this is the refugee issue,” I give my support to the above topics and move on to the topic of the day.

We didn't have anywhere else to go

We Had Nowhere Else To Go:

Amnesty international presented a report last week on the people forced to migrate from the north of Syria and the destruction caused. The main actors: The Democratic Union Party (PYD)-People's Protection Units (YPG) duo.

“You either join us and stay, or you leave this land / We were threatened by them, they said if we didn't leave our villages they would tell the U.S. that we sided with [the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant] ISIL, thus we would be air bombed by the U.S. / They came to burn our houses down the next day/ We said we didn't have anywhere to go, they said 'go to hell!' ”

Those who are subjected to violence are mostly Turkmens and Arabs... There is a small number of Kurds too. These statements made by Sultan, Hasan and Maha are valid for all the people in the region. All their wealth and belongings were burnt by the YPG. They were forbidden to stay in their lands. Although they didn't have anywhere to go, a compassionate hand was offered. A great number of them took refuge in Turkey.

War criminials

These realities revealed by the Amnesty report give critical messages for Turkey. The first message is; as explained in the report, the violence implemented by the PYD/YPG on the people of the region is a “war crime.” While calling out to the PYD/YPG to end committing crimes based on its findings, the Amnesty is also calling out to the countries in the U.S.-led coalition – along with other countries – supporting this duo, to “take action” against them.

However, no one is flitching a muscle, thus in this respect a matter particularly mentioned in the report is; while the destroyed villages are being evacuated, a conflict with ISIL should be avoided. Another point here the PYD declaring these areas as military zones. Therefore, as mentioned in the report, there isn't a legal excuse to vandalize the region.

The PYD's claims on these areas as their military zones, confirm Turkey's concerns. While the PYD fills up the areas ISIL has vacated, news that they will declare Tal Abyad as a new canton has spread. The goal is to make a single corridor...

The PKK alliance

The critical part of the issue on our behalf is the PKK's bracing power as the PYD expands in northern Syria. We have come across many clues in international media about the interaction that is, or hoped to be, between the PKK and the PYD.

Therefore, while Turkey tries to get rid of the ISIL menace, it has to protect itself from the PKK-PYD/YPG collaboration. It is for this reason that we are uneasy about the support given to these organizations in Syria. As Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu specified; no one can guarantee that the weapons given to YPG in Syria will not be seized by the PKK and used against Turkey.

And of course the U.S. is turning a blind eye to the unrest in Turkey caused by the PYD-YPG, it used against ISIS. Therefore, we can assume that the U.S. has turned a deaf ear to the Amnesty report too. However, we should clarify that the ethnic cleansing committed by the PYD-YPG in the region, will trigger a greater migration wave. At this point, I believe that the U.S. should question which role they really want to take up in the Middle East.

And now the Russian factor enters the equation. Using ISIL as an excuse and physically becoming active in the Middle East, Russia will stay in the region for a long time. This reality will bring problems and complications to our region. In short, while the risks change and are yet grow on our borders, we are in need of developing sensitive policies.


In a time we are struggling with terrorism and many problems, the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) is proudly announcing that PYD has its back.

* The PYD, which is declared a war criminal...

*The PYD which is wishing for a federal structure by our borders...

* And most importantly, this is the PYD, that has a blood relation with the PKK which has made many fathers bury their sons in this country...

HDP Co-Chair Figen Yüksekdağ stating that “The Turkish Republic, and the people should loll against (and have lolled against) the PYD-YPG,” though refuted, is thought-provoking in this sense.

Hence, the “sincere” and “national” actors seeking to have a voice in rebuilding Turkey;

* Should be aware that we are struggling to solve the equation with multiple variables (Russia, the U.S., Syria, Iran)

* And when doing so, we should not loll against any of these organizations, and instead should battle any threats that come from them.

This is true for everybody that calls the land of Turkey their homeland, and believes that it is their sacred duty to protect every inch of this land, and those living on it.

It is this clear.


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