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Hayrettin Karaman was born in Çorum in 1934. He graduated from the Istanbul Higher Islamic Institute. After working as a teacher of vocational courses at the Istanbul Imam Hatip School for two years, he became a fiqh assistant at the Istanbul Higher Islamic Institute. He completed his academic studies and received the titles of doctor, associate professor, and professor, respectively. Throughout his intellectual and professional life, which has approached half a century, he continued his education, training, and guidance activities by taking part in thousands of conferences, seminars, panels, sermons, sermons, courses, written and visual media programs, and training programs at home and abroad. He trained thousands of students, who have become today's well-known scientists and intellectuals. He resigned from his job at Marmara University Faculty of Theology in 2001. He was also a visiting professor at the European International Islamic University in the Netherlands. He has been writing a column for Yeni Şafak Newspaper since the day it was published. He has three children, seven grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. He has published around 50 books.

Hayrettin Karaman
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10:45, 07 Şub 2023


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10:15, 07 Şub 2023


Over 3,380 people killed as powerful quakes hit southern Türkiye

10:14, 07 Şub 2023


Balkan nations to send search, rescue teams to quake-hit Türkiye

10:12, 07 Şub 2023


Aid campaign launched in Berlin for quake-hit Türkiye

10:04, 07 Şub 2023


India sends 1st consignment of relief material to earthquake-hit Türkiye

09:59, 07 Şub 2023

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