Europe does not want Islam and Muslims

Europe, deprived of a religion that will make people happy in both this world and the after life, that will show the most suitable way for humans to fulfill their purpose of existence and covers all facets of life is, on the one hand rebelling against natural disposition for the sake of freedom and legitimizing deviant relationships, making the religion, whose original. no longer exists, conform to its own thoughts and desires – and if that doesn't work, it abandons it entirely and chooses atheism.

On the other hand, it doesn't want Islam, which will fill the religion void there, and Muslims who live their lives in accordance with Islam.

Many European authorities have made clear statements on this matter. Their common point is: We don't want Islam to spread in Europe and Muslims to reproduce and become reputable. This is the religious and ideological aspect of it.

Back in the day, they had gathered workers from Muslim countries to sweep the streets, to work in mines and do the heavy, risky and difficult jobs. Now business has begun to go downhill; the fortunes they stole from colonies, the money they accumulated through exploitation started to run out and has become insufficient in meeting their needs. So they have set their sights on the assets of Muslims in Europe. This is the economic aspect of it.

A couple of days ago a demonstration was held in Spain with banners reading, "We don't want mosques and Muslims in Spain." Upon seeing this I remembered the collapse of the Islamic state in Andulisia and the ruthless massacres, which was beneath even the wildest of animals, that followed this collapse.

Pope Batholomew de Las Casas had presented his memories to Prince Philip II of Spain in 1542.

La Casas, who was a member of the Dominican community divulges how the biggest massacres history has witnessed were commited, all the the hair raising details revealed how savage those acting in the name of God had become. I suggest it be read as it contains a lesson.

A short history note:

Andulusia, the last Islamic state in Spain, was taken over by the Hispanics on Jan. 2, 1492. The savage Christian Hispanics did not only eliminate the Muslims in Andulusia, the capital of knowledge, they also destroyed unique works of art.

Granada, Europe's largest and  most civilized city, faced terrible looting. The books of Granada Library, one of the world's biggest libraries, which had accumulated hundreds of thousands of books, was, upon the orders of Cardinal Cisneros and with the consent of the king and queen, completely burned down in the citys biggest square. A significant amount of these books were the sole copies worldwide.

Yet it was the Muslims who took civilization to Europe from Spain. They established the Morocco, Qurtuba and Granada Universities and spread the light of knowledge and science. They awoke the Christian world and laid the foundations of progress. The first university on the face of the earth was the University of Qarawiyyin in the Moroccan city of Fez.

Andulusian Sultan Abdurrahman III established the world's first faculty of medicine in Qurtuba. Even European kings would go to this faculty for treatment.

Unless the actors, bosses of today's world listen to their thinkers, those who have not lost their innate mind and sense of justice, and establish a new world order that will provide the just distribution of welfare and fortune (the blessings God has created for all of humanity), there will be nothing left of their sovereignty.

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Europe does not want Islam and Muslims
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