Muslims of East Turkestan under brutal Chinese oppression

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Hayrettin Karaman

Hayrettin Karaman was born in Çorum in 1934. He graduated from the Istanbul Higher Islamic Institute. After working as a teacher of vocational courses at the Istanbul Imam Hatip School for two years, he became a fiqh assistant at the Istanbul Higher Islamic Institute. He completed his academic studies and received the titles of doctor, associate professor, and professor, respectively. Throughout his intellectual and professional life, which has approached half a century, he continued his education, training, and guidance activities by taking part in thousands of conferences, seminars, panels, sermons, sermons, courses, written and visual media programs, and training programs at home and abroad. He trained thousands of students, who have become today's well-known scientists and intellectuals. He resigned from his job at Marmara University Faculty of Theology in 2001. He was also a visiting professor at the European International Islamic University in the Netherlands. He has been writing a column for Yeni Şafak Newspaper since the day it was published. He has three children, seven grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. He has published around 50 books.

Hayrettin Karaman

In a video sent to me by a friend, some Chinese police were viciously beating an Uyghur Muslim, whom they had stripped of his clothes, and while one of the police whipped him, another brutally kicked him. The offense this poor man had committed was to possess the holy book of Islam, the Qur’an, in his home. I got sick, my blood pressure went up and I was pained by not being able to do anything against this oppression.

Late Sheikh Tayyip Okiç told us how he preserved his religion despite the heathenizing policies of the communist regime and the pressures of the government: because we were educating our daughters, and we were giving them the necessary religious knowledge and education. They grew up, got married, became mothers, and the communists could not interfere in their family affairs, and thus those mothers passed on the religious knowledge and education to their children.

It seems Red China, although it looks kind of pink from the outside, discovered this that they sent one Chinese to infiltrate every Uyghur family, forcing them to live together.

Despite all of this we can still do many things. I will quote from the declaration of the International Union of Muslim Scholars to constitute an example to those things:

“Compelled millions of their children in the compulsory detention Labour camps, which the government of China called “rehabilitation camps” thereby subjugating these Muslim children to everything that can harm their dignity, and to keep them away from their faith, their culture, their religion and their religious affiliation. "

“Oppressing them in their mosques and places of worship and prohibiting them from teaching and practicing their religion.

“Also, monitor any manifestation of their affiliation to Islam or to invoke some of their provisions, such as prayer, fasting, dress, the existence of the Quran or a prayer mat or rug, or refraining from smoking and drinking alcohol. They are forced to host in their homes those who are sent by the authorities to stay with them, monitor their daily lives, in order to write reports on their activities.

“In general, the news about China’s official policy towards Muslims indicates their firm intention of erasing Islam and eradicate its affiliation.”

“The International Union of Muslim Scholars draws attention to the seriousness of these abuses and injustices against the Muslims of China, affirms its rejection and condemnation of such evil systemic policy, and makes the following suggestions:

1. It recalls and acknowledges the deep-rooted and diverse relations and ties between China and the Muslim world, states and peoples which are the relations and ties that we aspire to expand and deepen, rather than poisoning and straining them.

2. It calls on the Chinese government to respect all the religious and social rights and freedoms of Muslim minorities. This includes (a) The release of Muslim detainees, the release of detainees from them in forced mass camps, (b)Ensure freedom of religion for all and the exercise of all religious rights, including building mosques and religious education, and practicing individual and collective religious rites for Muslims and others non-Muslim religious practitioner. (c)Freeing Muslims to travel, travel and communicate, for various legitimate purposes, both inside and outside the country.

3. Calls upon the organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the Islamic States individually, to give serious consideration to this violation of Muslim’s rights, and, to examine its facts and developments, and to raise and, follow the matter up with the Chinese side and the United Nations Human Rights Council. “God always prevails in His purpose, though most people do not realize it.”

Believing the positive outcomes these suggestions will bring, I will mention another measure to be taken: China’s religion is to have a material interest, economic growth, and domination over world trade. Today the entire world, especially Muslim countries, buy and consume Chinese goods just because they are cheap. From time to time, we boycott the products of the Zionists because of their oppression of the Palestinians, so why wouldn’t we do the same or even more to the Chinese? If we boycott Chinese goods for a while as Muslim countries, and make a little sacrifice and buy more expensive goods for a while, then this boycott, not our outcries, would definitely be heard by China.

As I read yesterday, China will introduce a law making all religions compatible with the Chinese communism. If the necessary measures are not taken, who knows what they might do in the future!

Have the Muslim countries who are militarily weak against China also lost their will to boycott Chinese goods!

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Muslims of East Turkestan under brutal Chinese oppression
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