Zionists of Israel are now trying to Judaize China!

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Hayrettin Karaman

Hayrettin Karaman was born in Çorum in 1934. He graduated from the Istanbul Higher Islamic Institute. After working as a teacher of vocational courses at the Istanbul Imam Hatip School for two years, he became a fiqh assistant at the Istanbul Higher Islamic Institute. He completed his academic studies and received the titles of doctor, associate professor, and professor, respectively. Throughout his intellectual and professional life, which has approached half a century, he continued his education, training, and guidance activities by taking part in thousands of conferences, seminars, panels, sermons, sermons, courses, written and visual media programs, and training programs at home and abroad. He trained thousands of students, who have become today's well-known scientists and intellectuals. He resigned from his job at Marmara University Faculty of Theology in 2001. He was also a visiting professor at the European International Islamic University in the Netherlands. He has been writing a column for Yeni Şafak Newspaper since the day it was published. He has three children, seven grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. He has published around 50 books.

Hayrettin Karaman

I recently read an exemplary piece of writing that depicts how Israel is engaging in a long-term plan to infiltrate China. One of the report’s sources is Nadia Helmy, a political science professor at Egypt's Beni-Suef University who studied for a doctorate degree in China.

A few days ago I also read about how the Chinese government has decided to transform places of worship into Communist culture centers and to re-write and interpret the holy books of religions such as Islam and Christianity according to the Chinese communist ideology.

So how did the Zionists infiltrate Red China, which has zero tolerance for religion and culture? The article poses an answer to this question.

Tel Aviv wants to build a Zionist lobby in China and to this end it first needs a Jewish family or group settled in the country.

The problem is that there isn’t one in China, as there is in the U.S. and U.K.

Zionist researchers rolled up their sleeves and pursued an individual or family who settled in China in the past. They discovered that such a family settled in eastern China; and this became their starting point.

The Zionists then investigated the grandchildren of this family and they come across a handful of people who had forgotten their ancestors.

Following long and finely-planned efforts, they convinced this group that they need to return to their true religion, culture and ideology.

They bring some of them to Israel, naturalize them and some volunteer in Israel’s army. At the end of the study, some Jewish individuals are assigned to top positions and the judiciary in China.

Professor Dr. Nadia Helmy speaks of an organization called "Shavei Israel", which confirms this development; the task of this organization is to find Jews wherever they are in the world and to make them Jewish and Zionist again.

Although they do not have a missionary in Judaism (non-Jews), they bypass this rule in China, and the organization Judaizes thousands of Chinese citizens. When they Judaize the Chinese, they marry off Chinese girls and thus form a “Zionist Chinese generation.” Starting from the pre-school level, they open schools and establish synagogues in the style of Confucian temples.

Israel's ambassador to Beijing is working hard for the government to officially recognize this Zionist-Chinese generation, claiming that the names of the family have changed over time, and by forging existing names, reveals Jewish ones.

In China, there is a close rapport between the academy and the government to influence decisions on the Middle East and other regions. Israel is also using it, and Sino-Israeli academic relations are at their highest level. Israel established several joint research institutes in China, opened Jewish culture and Hebrew language departments in its universities, facilitated Chinese expeditions to Israel, and conducted research competitions with high-value prizes in the Jewish region of China.

Israel also opened a university last December in China’s Shantou; Russia is the only other country to have opened a university in China. On the other hand, Israel is raising special rabbis to guide the Jews in China.

Yes, these are exemplary events; China implements medieval methods of torture to assimilate Muslims, but Israel’s efforts to Judaize the Chinese are being overlooked.

The diligent will be victorious; the indolent, lethargic, lazy, and those who crawl through life on the other hand will fail.

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Zionists of Israel are now trying to Judaize China!
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