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Toward union of Muslim countries

There was a goal that was frequently expressed by part of the thinkers and politicians living in the Muslim world as well as late politician Necmettin Erbakan: The Islamic NATO, Islamic Common Market, Islamic Dinar (gold money). European countries ac... more

Is the US a trustworthy partner?

The Arab Spring – despite what anyone says – was an attempt at an uprising of the masses in Muslim countries, who took to the streets to carry out an unarmed revolution against their dictator leaders, who were cooperating with exploitative countries.... more

Was the reconciliation process betrayal?

Before the reconciliation process actually started, many esteemed people said and wrote, “the problem cannot be solved with the efforts of security forces alone. If things continue as is, mothers will continue to cry. Killing one terrorist will only ... more

Where is the sense of ummah?

Look at what the Arab League is doing, then look at what Turkey is doing; which of these is in conformity with the sense of ummah and duty to act in unison against the common enemy? Who is the common enemy? The common enemy is the not "big" but "bul... more

Palestinian Islamic Movement and Raed Salah

This recent news in the media revived my memories but also broke my heart: In a statement by the 1948 Palestinian Islamic Movement, Israel banned the activities of 17 institutions with ties to the movement. In the statement it was noted that Israel p... more

When the state and nation are in question

Does this nation, this state and in general the ummah have no common problems and does this problem have no common opinion in its solution? Of course there is and there should be.So then what is there to say about all this conflict between the ruling... more

Islamism doesn't die

I object to having the ideologies and actions of a Muslim scholar and intellectuals, that are dedicated to Islamism and Islamists and who lived in a specific period, and to having the background and subsequent history in a specific political movement... more

The Syrian opposition and the counter front

The West invented puppet-regimes - and shared Ottoman lands amongst themselves- within the borders drawn by the Sykes-Picot Agreement signed in 1916 and the San Remo Conference which took place four years after this. The U.S., which intervened in the... more

A Coalition and Parties

While not thinking about being a rulership alone or together, MHP and HDP also seem to have shut the doors to entering a coalition. It's being understood that these two parties are pursuing their own political interests and ideological objectives, ra... more

Brotherhood of Islam against racism

(This piece focuses on the example of Turkish-racism, but the provisions and evaluation are valid for Kurdishness and all types of racism and ethnic cases. H.K.) Mr. Ahmed Naim refutes the thesis of Turkists in the following manner: There is no point... more

Mr. Ahmed Naim and racism

In his work entitled “Da'vay-i Kavmiyet”, Mr. Ahmed Naim explains the importance of a person's ideology formation, based on the race, lineage and tribe he/she belongs to, and that person's placing of lineage/race unity and brotherhood instead of Isla... more

Congratulations on our Ziraat Participation Bank

According to the related people's statements, the capital of the Ziraat Participation Bank, which will be opened on May 29th, had been acquired from the Treasury as TL in exchange for 300 million US Dollars. This year 20 branches will be opened; cong... more


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