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Are the Armenians Perpetrators or Victims?

Once Armenians were the “loyal nation” of the Ottoman Empire; they did not betray the Ottomans who were their benefactors and lived as a loyal subject. Today, we don't have a problem with our Armenian citizens living in our country. The problem stems... more

Israel's atrocity

There is another atrocity, which the genocide tradesmen try to make everyone forget, which they constantly cover, and where they are trying to legitimize every kind of oppression, lawlessness and terror by using their holy “Israel's security” excuse.... more

Chinese Atrocity

Why won't the U.S., EU, Russia, UN and some human rights organizations, who attacked Turkey by claiming that the century-old incident, in which both Turks and Armenians suffered damage, was a genocide, do anything against the Russian atrocity, which ... more

Russian atrocity

In my piece yesterday, I had talked about European, American and Australian atrocities (occupation, torture, oppression, massacre and assimilation…). I would like to remind you that the British have the largest share of this atrocity. Without any sha... more

Don't let many birds be killed with one stone!

According to the information reflected on the press, the Council of Foreign Affairs Minister of the Arab League, which had been gathered at Egypt's Sharm El-Sheikh city, had come to a consent over the draft resolution that foresees the establishment ... more

Abuse of authority and power

The possibility of abusing authority and power is ever present. But this disposition to get rid of authority and power because the possibility to abuse it exists runs counter to the human right to life and development and the need to maintain public ... more

How could Security, Public Order and Tranquility be provided?

First of all, all the citizens are required to decide that the ones, who are different in a way, have the right to live the common life by sharing it together and by benefiting from the human rights together.Secondly, the joint objections of the grea... more

Homeland Security Package

The Homeland Security Package will be discussed thoroughly in the Parliament very soon. There are people defending it, as much as others objecting to it. The first salient matter is that the ones, who are objecting to it, are the members of the polit... more

A New Generation and Davutoğlu

Osman Yüksel Serdengeçti was a contentious person, who had lived between 1917 – 1983,with whom I had the opportunity to meet and talk to, who was a bouncer like his surname, and was idyllic, self-sacrificing and the possessor of a supreme case. In ... more

Israel"s goal and its collaborators

USA, Germany, England, France, Egypt and India are giving their support to Israel. Since its establishment, the major acts of Israel have been against law, moral standards, international laws and contracts. So, why are they giving their support to t... more

Determining Ramadan Time

In the Holy Quran, the chapter of Baqara verse 185, the specifics of the month of fasting and its certain observations are explained as such:185. The month of Ramadhan [is that] in which was revealed the Qur''an, a guidance for the people and clear p... more

Shiite, Alevi and Sunni relations

Alevis, according to the sound estimates, there are seven million of them in Turkey. However, there is no common roof or even a faith or practice that gathers them. Of course, there are common points but there are many different types of faith, ment... more


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