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Muslims, wake up and unite

There have been numerous actions and statements by our president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, that show he has the capability of becoming the leader of the Muslim world. We witnessed one of these in his latest visit abroad. Let's read a passage from his speech together, and then I would like to continue with my thoughts on it:

“Both our fate and grief in this region is common. We share a joint past and future on these lands. There is no guarantee that what is happening in Syria, Iraq and Libya, what our brothers there are experiencing today, will not happen to us tomorrow. Hence, we need to take action immediately, not later. It is high time that we unite and take action together for the future of the Muslim world, and as a matter of fact, the future of humanity. No country, no community can consider its own comfort and its own future only while their neighbors are living in contempt, while their brothers and sisters with whom they speak the same language and turn to the same qibla [direction to pray] are under torture.

“Muslims who are alienated from one another based on ethnic identity, language, clan, color and sect are killing themselves in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen among many other places. We are watching together as the shining cities of Arab and Islamic civilization are turned into battle fields of terrorist organizations and proxies of foreign powers and their wars of attrition. In the face of this situation to which human conscience remains silent, those who are powerful are simply rubbing their hands together, doing nothing, and the hypocrites are unfortunately busy shedding crocodile tears."

In this speech, our president is stressing the following facts and needs:

1. If we are Muslim, then we should abide by the requirements of this critical attribute of belonging and abandon limited, discriminatory and divisive understanding and practices that are against Islam's natural disposition. God evaluates His creations not based on their color, language, social status or race, but on their faith, morality and good deeds and works. Islam commands that all believers form a front against imposing beliefs and behaviors against Islam on people and moves to dominate and gain followers through violence; that the legitimate differences outside these are not used to create discord; that all Muslims be like a single nation, that political, economic, geographical and ethnic differences do not hamper unity.

2. The opposition and enmity that began when our prophet openly started to invite people to Islam in Mecca, has, to date, found members from almost all corners of the world, and their destructive activities are ongoing. They have tried everything to destroy Islam and Muslims or to deviate the religion from its original form to achieve their aims. One of their methods was to divide Muslims and ensure that the divided parts consume each other. The same method is being applied today, and it is Muslims that are harming Muslims more than their enemies. This much tribulation is more than enough, let us wake up and not fall into the enemy's trap.

3. God gave whatever is necessary to be powerful, to spread the mercy of Islam on earth and to introduce to the world the civilization that is befitting of the perfect humanity to Muslims. Unfortunately, Muslims, like those who are unaware of the treasures they are sitting on and living in contempt, do not know the value of these blessings and they are unable to fulfill the mission that Islam has blessed them with as an honor by somehow establishing unity and forming solidarity amid the nation-states that formed out of historical necessity.

4. The enemy's game and Muslims' various mistakes are the primary reasons for this bad state and course of events, but a fault confessed is an error redressed. So, as Muslims, let us all wake up and unite. Let us all be “one for all, all for one."

In my Sunday column, I am going to recall the history of the subject of Islamic union.


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