The two-faced West and refugees - HAYRETTIN KARAMAN

The two-faced West and refugees

All the people in the west and east, south and north of the entire world have to share life at a certain period of time; hence, it is neither possible to say, "Stop the world, I want to get off" nor to standardize everybody. The cure is to unite in the theory of Islam.

There are those who believe in Allah and the hereafter and those who do not, but according to the theory of Islam: No matter their religion, race, social and cultural status, region, civilization, all people must live in peace based on justice and an independence that will enable each individual to realize their humanity. No human should be forced to be enslaved by another.

This theory of Islam is not only in the theory, the conquests presented justice and independence to the communities. Those who did not resist in war were given freedom in their own lands, work and activities by paying their taxes in a fair way, their religion and languages were not changed and they continued to pray in their shrines and teach their religious learning in their appropriate venues.

What did the West do? They said to those who did not share their religion and nationality, "Either be like us, or run, or extend your necks to our swords."

That is how it was in the past, but did it change after the human rights documents were signed?

No. With various allegations Islam was announced as the enemy and Muslims as terrorists.

Muslims have been subject to the tyranny of members of all other religions.

The West, which has decided to redraw the map of the Middle East as a requirement of its interests, and hence making the poor, inattentive, disorganized countries and nations that confused their qiblah fight against each other; selling weapons in every corner in pursuit of a double victory; making whoever they want win and eliminating whoever they want, is not opening its arms to those fleeing massacres, but it is trying to convert the religion of those who have overcome immense difficulties to throw themselves into the merciless arms of the West.

Now let's read some cautionary news below:

According to a statement by the chairman of Central Council of Muslims in Germany (Zentralrat der Muslime in Deutschland- ZMD), Eymen Mazyek, Afghan, Pakistani and Iranian refugees who illegally go to Germany and Austria are given the right of asylum if they become Christians.

In Germany, which accepted more than 1 million refugees last year, there is no record showing how many of the people who converted to Christianity have an easier right to asylum. News in German media has reported their numbers are assumed to be in the thousands.

As a requirement of the international agreements and constitution, Germany has been taking under its protection most of those who escaped from pressure and war-torn regions such as Syria, without making religious or ethnic discrimination and giving a temporary residence permit to most of them.

But some Afghans, Pakistanis and Iranians who can hardly get the right of asylum in Germany have been trying to improve their chances of being accepted by changing their religion on their applications.

These people are demanding asylum, claiming that they will get the death penalty if they return to their countries since they changed their religion.

In Germany in general, especially some Protestant churches have been actively involved in encouraging refugees to choose Christianity through special programs for them.

It is pointed out that the Protestant Trinity Congregational Church near Berlin has almost 1,200 refugee members.

Priest Gottfried Martens, baptizing 185 refugees only last year converted them into Christians.

Refugees are given religious education in churches in their native languages. Church authorities have been arguing that there is a months-long preparation process before baptism and people are tested in one to one interviews to see if they have adapted well to Christianity.

It is reported that the number of refugees changing their religion to gain asylum in Austria has rapidly increased.

There you have it: Turkey with all the disturbance and Europe with all its claims.


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