Hodja, are we going to foresee the Lottery numbers also? - HÜSEYIN LIKOĞLU

Hodja, are we going to foresee the Lottery numbers also?

In his book entitled, “Chapter to Chapter”, Fetullah Gülen is stating that before an exam he will be able to see all the questions and details in a dream. As you know, the Public Personnel Selection Exam (PPSE) in 2010 was canceled when it was understood that the questions were stolen. The investigation on that matter had been swept under the carpet by that period's prosecutor. The new prosecutor, who took over the investigation, reached striking results. There are strong evidences related with the Gülen-led group's involvement in the thievery in question. The investigation continues. While the judiciary side of the investigation is ongoing, the above statement in Gülen's book had been reflected on the agenda.

I was curious, so I went to the library and investigated the book. I've come up with various versions of the book. In the 105th page of the book, under the Reality of Dreams topic, the following statement takes place; “For example, some people are able to see the success they'll achieve in the future in advance in their dreams, and to observe the questions of the exam they'll take with all its details.” I'm not stuck at the question theft part of it. Does the God we believe in make such discrimination? Isn't this a smear against God? On one side, there is a student who studies, and on the other side there is a disciple who lies around. The disciple will take full score with the questions he sees in his dreams, while the poor student fail, is that so? I'm not a glossator! However, I have some coffee table schooling. In the 39th and 40th verses of the Necm sura, God commanded; “Humans should know that there is nothing else than their own studying; their own studies will be seen in the future.” Let's presume that Fetullah Gülen is a blessed person, and has seen the questions in his dream. Then, what was his motive while deciding who to give the questions to? If this is a normal situation, then; “Hodja, are we going to see the winning numbers of the Lottery in our dreams also?”


There's no more electricity; let's give you beer instead

Maybe the June 7th elections will be remembered the most with its statements. As the main opposition party, CHP, expressed the election pledges of political parties, who didn't even have the dream of becoming a rulership in the previous elections, it caused all the attention to be focused on the statements.

Though, CHP made similar pledges in the 2009 and 2014 local elections, but couldn't arouse this much excitement. Many pledges in the statement can be evaluated with their various aspects; however, I'm stuck at the matter of free electric. CHP will be providing electricity under 230 kw/hour for free. When I heard the news, I called my wife and asked her about our electric bill. When she told me that it's 231 kw/hour, I was a bit sad. While searching Google for a way to save electricity, I came across Mustafa Akaydın's pledge. It's the old rector, Akaydın, who had been rewarded with the Presidency of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality due to his war against the kerchief during is Interuniversity Chairmanship. CHP member Akaydın also pledged free electricity. After his 5 years as a mayor, he couldn't make electricity free; however, with the beer festivals he organized, he gave the residents of Antalya the opportunity of free alcohol.


What does Demirtaş think about the “Relocation lords”?

Due to the 100th year of the 1915 incidents, the Armenian Diaspora organized activities in various corners of the world, and made propaganda against Turkey. In Turkey, this task was laid on HDP Co-Chairman Selahattin Demirtaş. Demirtaş first looked after the Pope's message. Following that, he read Al-Fatehah for the Armenians who lost their lives during the 1915 incidents. I'm not going to defend the things done by Cemal Pasha, the grandfather of Hasan Cemal. However, basing on the Mardin Mayor, HDP Member Ahmet Türk's statement, “As grandchildren and children of our grandfathers and fathers, we are living their sorrow for participating in that slaughter,” and as it had been told by some of my Kurdish friends, will Mr. Demirtaş take the properties of people, who are currently doing politics in HDP and got rich through the properties of the relocated Armenians, and return them to their original owners? I've bypassed the ones financing PKK. What does Mr. Demirtaş think about these “relocation lords”, who got rich through the properties of Armenians and are financing HDP. Of course, if they haven't lost those properties while gambling…


Blatantly partisanship

Last week, because of April 23rd, the Parliament was gathered with an extraordinary special agenda. We could say that it was the last meeting of the period. President Tayyip Erdoğan being in the first place, all the leaders were there. Journalists have shown great interest in this meeting. One by one, the leaders of political parties, who have groups in the Parliament, went up to the rostrum. Journalists observed this special session from the press loge. During the speech of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, attitudes of two representatives drew attention. Two representatives, one partisan and one partisan candidate, were sitting next to each other and chatting with each other over Whatsapp. I have no intention to violate the secrecy of private life. However, they were blatantly chatting. They were making fun of Davutoğlu in their way. They were sending smileys to each other over Whatsapp. Everyone has their own opinion. As you can understand, it's a partisan story. Professionals, with the idiom of Diyarbakır residents, are writing their official ideas on the newspaper and essential ideas on Whatsapp.

While we are speaking about partisans; last week, CHP's promises' sources were being discussed on a TV Channel. Murat Yetkin, who had been the Ankara representative in one period, said; “When AK Party announced the Canal Istanbul, 3rd bridge, 3rd Airport projects, nobody asked about its sources”. I've listened to him once again, to find out whether I've misheard it or I was wrong. I've investigated it. Those three projects, mentioned by Yetkin, will be realized with the build-administer-transfer model. In other words, the government will pay nothing for these projects and on top of that, these projects will form a resource for the government in the future. I just wanted this to be on the books.


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