A coup was conducted in Turkey through elections on March 31. FETÖ terrorists were used for a project targeting Istanbul. The first moves for post-July 15 plans have been made. So, elections in Istanbul should be re-held

Intricate calculations were made along with a very detailed plan.

Teams were established, preparations were carried out, and the necessary coordination was made regarding everyone’s individual tasks in the matter.

A serious operation was carried out through the ballot boxes.

A secret election coup was attempted – as a matter of fact, it was rather conducted – without a sound, as quiet as a mouse.

The election is not the issue. Neither is it the common errors made on ballots, or the mistake made in counting the votes. The mathematical calculations are not the issue.

The matter has nothing to do with believing in democracy or digesting the results. The issue is not the mayorship in Istanbul leaving the hands of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and transferring to the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP).

Turkey faced a coup through March 31 election

There is a much deeper, more concerning situation at hand.

A very special project, a scenario much beyond a mayor switch was implemented for Istanbul.

A sort of Turkey design was activated through Istanbul; the first step was taken.

Unless this issue can be resolved, unless the truth can be completely revealed, the next step is Turkey. Take note!

It is as if we are facing the same numbness, insensitivity, carelessness before the Gezi Park events, the Dec. 17-25, 2013 judiciary coup attempt, and the July 15, 2016 coup attempt here now. Do not dare accept this new situation.

Frankly, an Istanbul coup has been staged in the March 31 elections. A coup has been staged through the elections, through the ballot boxes.

First destroy Istanbul, then all of Turkey

Here we can clearly see the fury of Gezi, the Dec. 17-25 conspiracy, and the mind behind July 15.

The multinational mind intervened in the March 31 elections. Those inside and outside the country worked in cooperation to make the AK Party lose Istanbul, to collapse Istanbul.

Those who built a front for March 31 against Turkey's great struggle did not stop at this alone. They had a plan for the election night and this too was implemented. A leg of the multinational intervention was carried out through the ballot boxes.

Those who wanted to separate Istanbul from Anatolia on July 15 and failed, took systematic, dangerous steps to destroy Istanbul, and then to get to the following steps.

We are face-to-face with a situation much beyond the elections and votes. Whomsoever is threatening Turkey worked together in this election. They thought, "Let us destroy Istanbul, and in the next step we can collapse Turkey."

Will the bridge be cut off by İmamoğlu’s heavy equipment?

FETÖ terrorists in state cadres were effectively used. Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) / Peoples' Democracy Party (HDP) teams were effectively used. Coordination trainings were conducted between them and CHP deputies. The way it was done is exactly in the FETÖ style. It is clear that they used those cadres effectively.

The AK Party's vote storages were zeroed, rendered invalid, recorded incorrectly, and transferred to the CHP. They were recorded under other parties to avoid drawing too much attention. I can list hundreds of examples here in this sense.

If there is a new July 15 attempt, will the Istanbul Martyr's Bridge be cut off by tanks or Ekrem İmamoğlu's heavy equipment? This is what is next in the March 31 intervention.

Nobody should blind the people with arrogant speeches!

Nobody should make speeches on TV and newspaper columns with comfortable statements, or an arrogant intellectual air. They should not try to blind the people. Nobody should appear to be an AK Party supporter, and promote their secret and sly plans as if they are wise ideas.

Nobody should attempt to give a piece of their mind or try to make adjustments. We know what those people said and wrote during the Gezi Park events too. We know what they were up to on July 15 too. We also know what those people are tasked with today.

I am not writing all this to cause a problem or confusion. I have no intention of forming an operation, or a perception. I am simply trying to relay a situation that is extraneous of democracy, the election results, and the national will.

The FETÖ-PKK members in the public sector were assembled…

I am talking about an intervention, a coup, a multinational plan and its implementation.

Those who made this plan and implemented it, those who coordinated FETÖ and PKK terrorists for this task, those who transferred the PKK to the Aegean and Mediterranean regions through the national alliance, those who placed them in the heart of municipal companies, have intervened in Turkey's democracy, its elections on March 31.

For now, we are talking about Istanbul, but we will see traces of this intervention in critical regions of Turkey as well. Frankly, we are face-to-face with a national security issue.

Election in Istanbul should be re-held

1- All the ballot boxes across Istanbul should be recounted, and if necessary, the elections should be re-held. The best is to redo the election in Istanbul.

2- This fine plan will leave even the Supreme Election Board (YSK) helpless - whitewashing through the YSK will be out of the question. Hence, those who made such detailed plans already thought this through and prepared the plan accordingly.

3- An investigation should also be launched through the presiding officers at the ballot boxes, and this should be perceived as a security issue. All the FETÖ and PKK members on the lists should be revealed.

4- There should also be an investigation on how these groups are coordinated and trained before elections, and in what environments they carry out training operations.

5- It should certainly be determined how many people those who included hundreds of PKK members in candidate lists from the CHP, Good Party (İP), and the Felicity Party (SP) have placed at the ballot boxes.

6- The March 31 election corruption is not limited to elections alone; a coup attempt investigation, a kind of multinational intervention investigation must be launched.

An extensive investigation should be started on İmamoğlu and FETÖ

A deep and very extensive investigation on whether there is any affiliation between Ekrem İmamoğlu and FETÖ should be launched immediately. It should be investigated whether FETÖ operations in the elections had anything to do with İmamoğlu.

'Topple Erdoğan, stop Turkey.' 'If Istanbul falls, Turkey falls'

Those who say, "If Erdoğan is toppled, Turkey will be stopped," "If Istanbul falls, Turkey falls," and those who resorted to July 15, have intervened in Turkey, in democracy, in the elections on March 31.

The "national will" has been adjusted. The first step after July 15 has been taken. Turkey has witnessed a new multinational intervention. If we fail to reveal the details of this intervention today, the next step will be Turkey, more dire interventions.

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5 yıl önce
A coup was conducted in Turkey through elections on March 31. FETÖ terrorists were used for a project targeting Istanbul. The first moves for post-July 15 plans have been made. So, elections in Istanbul should be re-held
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