A great power is rising in the ‘cradle of humanity,’ the world’s ‘focal region.’ Erdoğan is this region’s destiny, the man uniting peoples across continents. They wanted doomsday wars; they attacked at home and from abroad. They wanted to destroy Turkey, but it’s now helping them! Sit tight! We are just warming up!

A great power is rising in the world’s “central region,” in the “cradle of humanity.” A “Turkey miracle” is unfolding in a vast area from North and Central Africa to the Balkans, from the Mediterranean to the Caucasus, from the Persian Gulf to the Black Sea.

History is repeating itself; the region’s voice is growing stronger.

This power is further increasing its weight and efficacy by the day, both regionally and globally in every known field.

It is changing the game, upending all estimates, and pushing every country to review their 21st century plans.

They asked for a doomsday war but they couldn’t stop Turkey

Those involved in making doomsday war plans regarding our region, those resorting to invasions and mass slaughter in preparation to this end, those attacking Anatolia for decades through terrorism and the “fronts” they established in Turkey to prevent it from becoming a power center could not stop its rise.

This country, acting in cohesion with the dynamics of history and the region, meticulously calculating global power shifts is rising under the surprised gazes of the world.

That country is Turkey.

It is becoming an “unstoppable state” in every corner of the region, in every known field of power.

They attacked at home, from abroad. Those marching silently, steadily, with patience, never faltered

For the last two decades we have been watching the awakening of an awareness, the discovery of a legacy, the revival of a memory, the calling of a dormant power to the present day, the silent call of a new rise reaching hearts, and a deep ideology spreading to every corner of the region.

We knew it. We knew the extent of this struggle and how relentless the showdown would be. Now the world knows it too. It is seeing it and is going to continue to see more of it.

Those who marched on silently, steadily and with patience, despite all internal treacheries, foreign attacks, all attempts aimed at compelling us to submission through undermining and mockery, never faltered.

They were enraged, they were hurt and devastated, but they did not pay attention to those who do not believe. A great path was drawn; the world stood against it but that path was not abandoned.

They wanted to collapse Turkey but it is now helping them. This is how the world is changing

Turkey, demonstrating its firm stance in politics, national solidarity, geopolitical plans, the transformation and reinforcement of the state and institutions, the economy, national defense, and technology, has proven during the current coronavirus pandemic that it is the world’s best in the health field as well.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been conducive to extreme divisions in the U.S. It created an image of helplessness. European countries crumbled one after the other, revealing that their healthcare systems were next to naught.

‘A meteor may hit earth, but Turkey will not stop.’

Meanwhile, Turkey proved that it possesses the best healthcare infrastructure in Europe and that its anti-pandemic efforts are top-notch. In fact, Turkey provided medical aid to dozens of countries and reached out to help Europe’s central countries.

While many countries continue to agonize in desperation, Turkey yesterday opened its Başakşehir City Hospital – one of the biggest in Europe. It showed the whole world a national initiative, from the hospital’s respiratory devices to its ventilators, from its intensive care unit to successful “treatment method.”

Turkey is “the world’s best” during the pandemic days. There is no doubt about this.

A Greek minister’s statement along the lines of, “If a meteor hit the earth, Turkey will still do what it is set to do in the Mediterranean,” as well as the U.K. media’s headline, “If Turkey doesn’t send help our health system will collapse,” are all true.

Be prepared for an extraordinary change. This is an Ottoman mentality...

We have been watching the formation of a new global order for the last three decades. We have been monitoring the shifts in power, the weakening of some nations, the rise of others, region-based formations, the collapse of supra-national organizations, and the establishment of new power centers.

The pandemic that has almost brought the world to its knees has sped this up to such an extent that we are going to witness the changes we would normally see happen in the next 30 years within two years. Be prepared for an extraordinary shift.

Turkey is currently the country that is best-equipped for this. For years it has been perparing for this great transformation. Everything projected by this spectacular mind is coming true. This is a Seljuk mentality, it is an Ottoman mentality. It is a legacy that is deep-rooted in these ancient lands. The Republic is the bearer of this legacy. It is also the mentality that is going to take us to the next step, the next level of power, to central power again.

It is the mind that is carrying Turkey from health to defense, national security to the new regional map, from the Mediterranean to the depths of the Middle East. It is the mind that is ruling and guiding Turkey today, that has led to the formation of a massive front against it, and that has made the 21st century Turkey’s rising century.

We will be wherever there is a member of the ‘great family’

The Ottoman Empire was not an imperial state. The Ottomans were a power that united a great big family that was spread across three continents. That family was divided, scattered, and enslaved during World War I.

The great family had fallen apart, but what is worse is that their hopes were destroyed.

The Turkish Republic preserved a legacy, that memory in Anatolia.

Now this cognizance and legacy have been activated, with a great power being built through it.

We are going to be present in every corner of the Mediterranean. We are going to be present in every corner of the region. We are going to be present wherever there is a member of this family.

You cannot make history through slavery

We are going to see every country, every alliance, every political movement and every leader that tried to seize the future by taking shelter in their former colonizers be destroyed.

We are going to see those who seek the future by activating the dynamics of history and the region become legendary, change history and build power.

Let the regimes of countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt serve their colonial masters. Very soon, they will see that even they cannot stop Turkey. You cannot make history through slavery.

Horrific fronts have been built in the country. Those closest to us are also the ones who have betrayed us. Those who divided the Ottoman from abroad and enslaved the region have built huge fronts. Attacks at home and from abroad never ceased.

“Stopping Turkey” became an international priority. Yet, the more they attacked the stronger and more resistant Turkey became.

Those who did all this are now requesting help from Turkey.

Erdoğan is the region’s destiny, man uniting the great family

The region has a memory. Cities have a heart. Nations and countries have a destiny.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is both Turkey’s and the region’s destiny. He is the man who changed history. He is the man uniting the great family once again.

A miracle is taking place in the world’s “central region,” in “humanity’s homeland.” A major power rise is unfolding.

Those who stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder with Turkey are going to part the doors to the future. Those opposing are going to miss out on making history.

Those who take an arrogant position, those who undermine and mock, whether they are states or individuals, are going to continue to diminish bit by bit until they are entirely wiped out of memories. Those who have not been able to grasp this situation in the past two decades cannot possibly understand it in the future either.

Every traveler on this path, from leader to follower, everyone who carried the burden of this responsibility and its weight over their shoulders is sacred.

We are just getting started.

3 yıl önce
A great power is rising in the ‘cradle of humanity,’ the world’s ‘focal region.’ Erdoğan is this region’s destiny, the man uniting peoples across continents. They wanted doomsday wars; they attacked at home and from abroad. They wanted to destroy Turkey, but it’s now helping them! Sit tight! We are just warming up!
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