Erdoğan is spoiling the plan and telling the king: 'Stop your son, your country will fall apart.' Preparations for a 'Great Gulf War': The trap has been set against Saudi Arabia… Mecca and Medina’s future: A heated debate awaits us

Turkey has no thoughts of harming Saudi Arabia in the Jamal Khashoggi incident - it never has and never will. On the contrary, Turkey is trying to save the two country's relations from collapsing, and striving to protect the region from a very destructive storm. It is making efforts to prevent a multinational project aimed at bombarding the two country's relations, harming Turkey and destroying Saudi Arabia.

This is a great struggle, it is a resistance, an effort to prevent the regional war; it is a challenge against those trying to build an enemy front between Turks and Arabs again, and what's more, it is an attempt to protect Saudi Arabia from itself, from a "group" in its midst, from plans to destroy it through this group.

Turkey has seen the great threat…The state mind in Riyadh has been taken hostage

The matter has a critical dimension much beyond the Khashoggi murder, much beyond the relations of the two countries. Turkey knew this for some time and had been trying to prevent it; with the Khashoggi murder, a fact known by Turkey has now become known both regionally and globally.

As Ankara realized this serious threat, as it is aware of the operations being carried out underhandedly in this direction for the last four-five years in particular, it is trying to negate the "multinational" plan in question. It is trying to stop a course of events that is much worse, and to ruin a plan that will cause heightened destruction and regional chaos.

I do not think the Saudi administration understands this finely detailed plan either. We see that the will which has taken control over the Riyadh administration is another's will, that the state mind has been taken hostage through these, that the country is being made to run from one front to another in accordance with U.S.-Israeli interests, that the idea that this is "its own interest and mind," has been imposed upon the Riyadh administration, and that a kind of political blindness is being formed.

Preliminary preparations are being made for the 'Great Gulf War'

We know that the Arab streets are being provoked through anti-Turkey and anti-Iran sentiment, that a major trap is being set from Yemen to the Persian Gulf, that the "terror corridor" in northern Syria is being given Saudi support for this reason, that Saudi Arabia's Prince Mohammed bin Salman's power is being exploited through United Arab Emirates' (UAE) Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, and that all these efforts and plans are the preliminary preparations for the "Great Gulf War" that is going to be broken out after the Syria war.

For the time being, we are focused on the east of the Euphrates. As soon as this matter is resolved - or perhaps before it is resolved - they are going to wreak havoc from the Persian Gulf, start a multi-fronted war, and all the Persian Gulf countries will be dragged into this crisis that will be called the Iran-Saudi war.

Plan to divide Saudi Arabia: Where is the Arabian political mind?

A plan much beyond what we have seen since the Iran-Iraq war is being plotted through U.S. and Israeli intelligence plans, Egypt's power, Saudi Arabia's money and political blindness, UAE Crown Prince Zayed's operational role, and Saudi Crown Prince Salman's out-of-control state.

This plan is not going to do any harm to Iran as thought, it is not going to be aimed at punishing it. Because, Iran profited from every war since the Gulf War, while the Arab world was harmed. If you pay attention, you will see that the Arab-Persian border shifted a little more toward the West after every war.

In all these wars the Arab political mind has made a mistake. This plan has been shaped entirely on the disintegration, destruction and division of Saudi Arabia. The Arab mind will perhaps make the biggest political mistake of the 21st century within the scope of this project.

The 'Dubai file' should be opened immediately: The two crown princes and FETÖ assumed the same roles

The plan being implemented through Salman and Zayed is a new "internal invasion" in Saudi Arabia. The country is going to be dragged to destruction through these "native invaders" who have been activated for the multinational project in question. This new political formation in the country which has been released on the ground with a new kind of Arab nationalism wave will go down in history as a "sell out" similar to Turkey's July 15 coup attempt.

The new formation represented by Salman is Saudi Arabia's Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ). Because, based on their nature, based on the roles they have assumed, based on their U.S.-Israel engagement, they are the same. Joint operations have been carried out, with money trafficking organized between these circles and FETÖ through Dubai.

This is why these circles openly supported the July 15 coup attempt. This is why, after FETÖ, they are fighting Turkey with FETÖ's agenda throughout the region, in the same way. The "Dubai file" between Zayed and FETÖ must be immediately opened, and those money activities must revealed.

Saudi Arabia's July 15: They are going to tear the country into pieces

This is why these circles support all terrorist countries against Turkey in parallel with FETÖ even after July 15, and this is why they take part in all multinational scenarios aimed at toppling President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

If this circle, this formation succeeds, there will be no "coup" in Saudi Arabia, but the country is going to be lost, and the division process will start. Had FETÖ been successful, Turkey would have been divided; the scenario was not a coup: the project was established on division and civil war. The same game is being played on Saudi Arabia today.

Saudi Arabia's enemy is within its midst, among its administrative team, within the royal family. Those moderate Islam discourses, that wave of complaisance is bait, it is a discourse to promote the great destruction. Riyadh must immediately withdraw Mohammed bin Salman and end the influence of Mohammed bin Zayed at once.

This is the plan Erdoğan is ruining, he is telling the king: “Stop your son, your country will fall apart”

President Erdoğan is aware of this scenario, this plan. He knows the content of the enmity against himself and our country. Those who failed on July 15, 2016 are planning the same scenario from the region and while doing this, they are building Turk-Arab fronts. The same will, the same forces, the same regional plan and same alliances are behind both. This is why, while the president stated his sensitivities regarding the Khashoggi incident he particularly tried to protect the Saudi administration and the king, trying to keep them separate from the situation.

He is trying to tell the king, "Your son, bin Salman, the alliance he is involved in, the project he is working for is going to bring destruction to both you, us and the entire region; put an end to this." Erdoğan is trying to warn Saudi Arabia.

What will happen if he doesn't stop him: They are going to burn the entire Gulf in a couple of years

Unfortunately the Riyadh administration failed to understand this. Even if it has understood, perhaps it cannot do anything with the impact of excessive dependency and the fact that it has been "taken hostage." But there is no other way. The game was set through Saudi Arabia and it must be ruined there. What will happen if the Riyadh administration cannot wake up, take precautions and discharge that team?

We won’t have to wait too long. We will face the great Gulf War within two to three years. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and the UAE are all going to be dragged into this war. There will be great obstacles placed in front of Turkey's intervention, its efforts to prevent the situation. The war is going to move into Saudi Arabia.

'Moving the war to the heart of Islam', and Mecca and Medina’s future

This is what they were targeting for years; they were planning to "move the war to the heart of Islam." This will happen. Then, Saudi Arabia will be destroyed, and the map operations in the entire region are going to be shaped according to this. The state of Mecca and Medina is going to turn into a debate that shakes the Muslim region in waves.

This is striking Islam in its heart. This is the role given to Salman and Zayed. This is the treachery of the century…

But unless Riyadh comes to its senses and ruins the game, Turkey will stop this storm. The showdown has just started. This is what we call reversing history, and the political gene that built the region taking action.

You will see…

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5 years ago
Erdoğan is spoiling the plan and telling the king: 'Stop your son, your country will fall apart.' Preparations for a 'Great Gulf War': The trap has been set against Saudi Arabia… Mecca and Medina’s future: A heated debate awaits us
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