'Feudal lords' turned into suicide bombers

İBRAHIM KARAGÜL,  Friday 09:35, 22 May 2015
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Turkey is waging such an extraordinary political battle, that the struggle we refer to as the “Last Independence War” fixed to the June 7 elections will determine if our country will bring an end to its century-long painful history.

The winner or the loser will not be political parties or power circles; it will be the country, the nation and the state.

We will either proceed to the Turkey of tomorrow, the Turkey of the future, or will revert back to the cold Turkey of the past.

We will either move the country beyond the borders of Anatolia, surpass the traditional scale of Turkey, revive the historical memories, consolidate confidence in the future, make up with deep Anatolia and the region, learn how to walk upright or we will go back to the deep fragmentation of political power, and those days filled with nightmare. We will roll back into crises and domestic security problems, and will console ourselves with tiny crumbs, wrongly thinking that narrow political conflicts are the supreme interests of the country.

The era when Prime Ministers were beaten at casinos

We will see a country where prime ministers are beaten at casinos, governments are cornered and taken over through defamation campaigns, ministers take orders from the outside, societal tensions, governments only last for two years; a country that is completely self-enclosed.

All of this struggle, this rage, and this animosity are to stop the dynamism which was achieved by Turkey in a very short period of time –in 10 years- and made itself felt on a global scale. None of the opposition parties have a political discourse, project or perspective to hamper this dynamism.

Unrealistic pledges such as providing housing and keys, jobs for a few thousand people –which are all exaggerations and will never be carried out- are no different from the political discourse style thirty years ago and do not have a solid thesis to go a step further after today. If only they existed, and could exist, but they don't.

Let alone becoming a power on a global scale, or at least developing a stance, or a rhetoric, they do not even have a single sentence to carry the country beyond the borders of Anatolia. I was actually a bit conscientious; however, they do not have words to embrace Turkey as a whole because both of the opposition parties can only express their words in specific regions of the country and cannot even go to the rest.

Turkish Ba'athist, Kurdish Ba'athist…

The Turkish Ba'athist, and the Kurdish Ba'athist parties have wasted decades of this country. This Ba'athism was a 21st century political style. And that was not even politics, it was just a style to govern Turkey and the neighboring countries. They were just deputies and collectors. But there is no longer such Turkey and there will not be. No country is left in the world which would embrace such a political style. The old pro-tutelage centers are now only able to destabilize the country through these. They have now lost their ability to administer those countries. Therefore, the new tutelage regime is not about governing, but is rather built on fragmentation and destabilization.

We are facing a threat where they were attempting to destabilize Turkey through those shallow, pro-tutelage and collector cadres and turn it into Iraq, Yemen or Egypt. On a regional scale, the promotion of chaos to Turkey will be shaped by these cadres, and their shallow conception of Turkey, state and country. In the upcoming years, you will see some political cadres, which were unable to achieve power, demand tenders through this destabilization and enter a pursuit for power over these.

They seek power through terrorism

This was actually the case in the past few years. We witnessed tremendous examples of solidarity and partnership between those who refused to accept the country's great walk, upright stance and embracement of its surroundings, and those who carried out enveloping projects in cooperation with internal power centers which were defeated by the great transformation.

The attempt to bring down the government through terror on the streets, instigating a military coup and the coup attempt examples obtained through the intelligence network within the system and taking tenders to carry out coups were all battles of the great settlement which came one after the other.

The political parties which supported such attempts, the ones supported by terrorists, capital circles, and powers from the past, which used to build and destroy governments before all, jumped after all sorts of dirty plots including terrorism and civil war which were assigned to them. They embraced it, and fought at the front lines. If they won, their lords would win and Turkey would again come under tutelage. And they would regain their immunity once again and would bury Turkey inside, and no longer pose a threat to the ones who assigned the plots to them.

Deep foresight and those instructions

The people spoiled the game. The deep foresight of the Anatolian people exposed those dirty plots and partnerships and knew and insisted on bringing Turkey on the road to safety. They will know again, because this nation will not want to go back to that century-old pathetic history. Like it has happened for decades, the people will never tolerate those with immunity and privileges to regain control over the government and treat them like a flock.

The people of this country learned in the past ten years that they are not a decoration and a camouflage for democracy. They discovered what the political power, strength, will means, and what they are made of. It will no longer be possible to confine them to that narrow space, those cages.

This is a revolution and the revolution will continue. Turkey embraces and supports the initiators and servants of the revolution for standing shoulder to shoulder with them. It is aware that this is well beyond the codes of the struggle of a political party. Such ugly methods are tried to stop the revolution that instructions fly over the oceans, continents and capitals.

The legitimacy line of those fighting in the sphere of democracy became uncertain because of these instructions. This is why they established partnerships with coup attempts and street terror prior to the elections. They even made plans to send people to the gallows. They made plans to eliminate everyone who contributed to the current status of the country today.

Partnership with terror even for elections

While the same circles continue to send heated messages in the election campaigns and throw out exaggerated pledges, they continue their partnership with terrorist organizations. Those who pushed the outlawed DHKP-C during the Gezi Park revolts and cooperated with the same organization during the December 17 coup attempt continue their partnership today.

You saw how they exploited those bomb attacks in Adana and Mersin in HDP's offices. When you take a look at these, you see the same organization behind it. They have been doing calculations for a few months to find out how they can make this attack seem like it was carried out by ISIL.

It is not possible for the political ethics of cadres of the Old Turkey –which are familiar with terror and prepare for elections through their partnerships- to find respondents in Turkey today and carry this to the government. They cannot even visit all places in Turkey because of 20-year old habits left from 10 years ago. Is it possible for such political cadres to obtain political power from this?

Aydın Doğan is not the only 'feudal lord'

This nation will never go back to the “feudal era.” It will not allow “feudal lords” who share the state power and turn the country into a farm for their own companies. Aydın Doğan is only one of these and you see his struggle and role. There are other feudal lords who put him forward and hide behind him, and support him. They pushed Aydın Doğan to the front like a “suicide bomber.” They are carrying out a struggle to bring the country back to the Ba'athist periods and share it.

After this stage, the fragmentation of political power in Turkey will mean the fragmentation of the country. The return back to the old days where people were not valued means that this country will never be unified. The conditions have ripened in the region and the chaos which will even accept the disintegration of Turkey has become regionalized. This is why all options except for a partnership embracing the country as a whole is a nightmare.

History is changing in Anatolia for the third time

This nation, which has resisted the Crusades and erased the marks of the Mongolian Invasion have learned very well that the last War of Independence consists of erasing the traces of World War I, and closing the period of tutelage of the 20th century and the third great period of advancement.

We will no longer be fooled by those feudal lords, the political circles under their control and beyond all of this, the ones who receive projects from others. The same way projects to make Turkey like Egypt and Ukraine have collapsed the last project they are serving will also fail.

The flow of history has changed and it will take them at least a century to rewind this. This country needs a little amount of time to pass the irreversible border. This is precisely why there is only a few last fronts of the War of Independence. Those standing at the front against Turkey, and those who wage a war to this front will then disappear.

This is why the reckoning is so enormous, it's on a scale which has the capacity to change history.

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