Hagia Sophia! The Last Crusade has been stopped. History is over for those who say, 'Turkey’s oppression started in 1453'

Today is the day of defeat for those who say, "Turkey’s oppression started in 1453."

Today is the day those who strove for Istanbul to meet the same fate as Andalusia lose.

Today is the day the plans made by those trying to shrink Turkey and carve it into pieces collapse.

Today is the day tens of thousands of people race to Hagia Sophia, bearing a magnificent history to the present, and announcing to the world our political legacy.

'We' are both Ottoman, Byzantine. We are the Seljuks, we are Turkey

Today is not only the day that not only the Sultan Mehmets of Turkey rejoice, but also the day the Alparslans, the Kılınçarslans, the Sultan Selims, the Sultan Süleymans, and those whose blood were shed for the sake of every inch of land in this vast region, who made this territory our homeland, who made this nation a superpower rejoice.

Today is the day the continuity of the chain of great leaders is cemented with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the continuity of great states is cemented with Turkey.

Today is the day we say "we" are both Ottoman and Byzantine, we are the Seljuks and the Republic, we are Istanbul, we are Jerusalem, we are the Balkans, we are Mesapotamia, we are Anatolia and the Caucasus as well.

The Ottoman Empire became a global power with Istanbul’s conquest. Turkey will do the same with Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia is not only a source of joy, it is not only a sentiment. Hagia Sophia represents power. It represents a globalizing power today as it did 567 years ago.

Upon the conquest of Istanbul, Hagia Sophia’s conversion into a mosque and the collapse of the Eastern Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire became a global power; in fact, it became the world's greatest power.

The significance and symbolism of Hagia Sophia being opened as a mosque today is no different to our presence in the Mediterranean, the Aegean, Syria, Iraq, Libya, and the Persian Gulf. Altogether, they make up our grand aim.

They prepared a destruction plan to turn Hagia Sophia into a church, Istanbul into Andalusia

A multinational intervention was launched four years ago to divide Turkey. Had the intervention been successful, Hagia Sophia would have been converted from a museum into a church today – the most critical step to detach Istanbul from Anatolia. That is when its fate resembling Andalusia’s would kick in.

We were going to be surrounded, sieged and banished from the Iran-East Mediterranean line, from all of the Mediterranean, from the Aegean. Just as they have been doing now, by getting Armenia to attack Azerbaijan, they were going to close off the Turkey’s eastern gate as well. This was not a plan to banish us back to Central Asia but rather a plan of destruction.

We are the sole nation capable of re-writing history once every four years. We broke all their sieges, and now we are building a great power in the center. It is because all this transpired, because all this was done that the Hagia Sophia decision became a possibility.

The entire region overjoyed

Today is July 24, 2020:

All of Anatolia, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Central Asia, South Asia, Africa, the Arab region, regardless of what their regimes say, are overjoyed.

Those who have been experiencing nothing but grief for the last century are now rejoicing. Those who have suffered defeat after defeat for a century are now experiencing victory.

Today is an uprising, a challenge against the Ottoman Empire’s collapse, the 20th century’s pro-tutelage period. Today is changing that history in the first quarter of the 21st century. It is the proclamation of the end of the regression and tutelage era and the start of Turkey’s new rising era.

1,000-year-old history

A country, a nation, a state raking up the history on the last thousand years, setting it on the table signals that it is re-evaluating its plans.

You no longer hear theories such as “front country,” “garrison country,” “bridge country,” Atlantic fronts’ “outpost country,” “green zone.” You will never hear them again.

This will signify nothing other than the illusions adopted by and ingrained in the minds of a very small group in Turkey.

Last defense resisted, last Crusades have stopped again in Anatolia. Third great shock over

The region’s last defense line resisted. Its last fortress remains standing. Now, a power domain is being built with this fortress at the center.

The last of the Crusades were stopped in Anatolia once again. The region’s “third great rise” after the “third great shock” has started against those who turned the “war against Islam” into a global ambition and started a new sort of “Crusader War” through the Israeli far-right and neocons following the Cold War era.

May it be blessed

Just as they turned the symbol of Istanbul’s conquest into a museum during the early Republican period, just as they imposed this and succeeded, today is the day these impositions and compulsions end.

Victory is ours and we are a nation that is accustomed with victory. The brackets of the last century, during which we were doomed to defeat, have been closed.

May it be blessed.

Notice how those who said, “Turkey’s oppression started in 1453,” disintegrated! But history is over for them.

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Hagia Sophia! The Last Crusade has been stopped. History is over for those who say, 'Turkey’s oppression started in 1453'
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